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Sanskriti-South Asian

Bringing South Asian Culture to the bubble.



Sanskriti is committed to broadening the range of our events, to give students a taste of as many of the vibrant and diverse Asian cultures as possible.

Be it food, music, or movies, we're doing our best to share with everyone the richness of the countless cultures of South Asia. We encourage you all to get involved and help us to do exactly that.

Membership is far from limited to any nationality/ethnicity, so whatever your interest we'd love to have you join.

Here are a few of the SouthAsianSoc events to be announced each year:

  • Bindi club nights – each semester, we hold one of the biggest non-ball events in St Andrews - the BINDI. With Bhangra, remixed and refixed, hip hop, RnB, henna tattoos, live dhol performances, and sheeshas on the decks outside the Aquarium, Bindi is always a sell-out.
  • Asian movie nights – enjoy the company of others whilst watching the latest, if not most entertaining, Asian movies. Requests are more than welcome.
  • Enlightening talks on South Asian affairs by both expert experts and students
  • Potluck dinners, in which all of our members make your favorite Asian dish and bring them along to be shared by all. The perfect opportunity to sample some authentic Asian cuisine.
  • Fusion food book launch – for those Asian foodies who are really inspired by Asian food, we're trying to get everyone to contribute their authentic, native Asian recipes to this cookbook.


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