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Refugee Action

Our society began as a response to the plight of refugees and migrants in the UK and across Europe.



We aim to show solidarity with people uprooted from their homes for whichever reason, be it war or economic hardship, through creating a platform where people can have an open dialogue about these issues. In 2016 we affiliated with the University of St Andrews as a student society. We will continue our work as before by holding events, talks and fundraisers.

We are happy to collaborate with other student societies as well as local, national and international charities and volunteering organisations.

  • President: Katie McMillan,
  • Vice-President: Sacha Weiss,
  • Treasurer: Katie McAdam,
  • Secretary: Sarah Rennie,
  • Volunteer Coordinatiors:
    • Adi Adora,
    • Caitlin Ayre,
  • Research Coordinator: Imogen Katcher,
  • Event Coordinators:
    • Catriona Bruce,
    • Nicholas Cheung,
  • Marketing Coordinator: Aung Hein Htet,
  • Donation Coordinator: Charlotte Evans,
  • Fundraising Coordinators:
    • Emma Downey,
    • Josh Whittingham,


Paid Memberships
  • Refugee Action - Standard Membership£3.00