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Our Choice

Our Choice aims to raise funds for thousands of people who are unable to access abortion facilities and to raise awareness of their plight.



Hi, we’re OurChoice, the university’s pro-choice society. 
We believe that all people across the globe have the right to make decisions for their own bodies. 

We campaign within St Andrews both in person and online to raise awareness of issues pertaining to reproductive rights violations. We recently collaborated with FemSoc and with the help of Polish Soc to hold a Covid-19 safe protest outside the union in support of the Women’s Strike in Poland. We also hold information nights and casual chats about pro-choice issues.  

We hold debates, speeches, film viewings and more in order to raise money for pro-choice charities both locally and around the globe. Examples of events we’ve had before include a casual debate night with the pro-life society; a film screening and bake sales and coat checks. 

Our international charity right now is the Center for Reproductive Rights. The CfRR is a global legal organisation that advocates for reproductive rights across the world. They also create very useful resources, such as this map of the world’s abortion laws: 

Locally we’re supporting Back-Off, a charity which campaigns for the safety of those seeking abortions. The charity advocates for legislature that will ensure people can "access abortions centres free from interference and intimidation.” Learn more about tis amazing charity here:

Last year we made the decision to change our name from HerChoice to OurChoice. We did this in order to better represent the trans and non-binary individuals that are also effected by reproductive rights restrictions. As a society we are dedicated to an inclusive and intersectional approach to reproductive rights, understanding that certain groups are more effected than others.  





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