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Furthering interest in neuroscience, both academic and casually. We welcome members from all backgrounds, with any level of Neural knowledge.


We welcome members from all backgrounds, with any level of Neural knowledge. Whether you're a fourth year embarking on a neuroscience research project, or an incoming fresher studying modern languages with classics,  we all have a brain which can become curious of itself sometimes... that's exactly why you are reading this. Let your brain be curious and join our inclusive and friendly society.

We will explore topics ranging from altered states of conciousness, drug effects on the brain, neurophenomenology, neuroanthropology, the ethics of brain-computer interfaces, dreaming, brain and gut connection, neurogenesis, to whole brain emulation (WBE). We will cater discussion to all levels of knowledge


  • To create an inclusive, welcoming and safe space for members.
  • Offer advice and support throughout your studies, as well as guidance through succeeding in committee roles.
  • Help develop your knowledge of the brain and provide you opportunities to gain transferable and career-focused skills.
  • Provide in-person and virtual friend-making and potential adoption opportunities.

Sarah Copeland - President

Rebecca Sharland - Treasurer

Kate Matheson - Publicity

Niamh McLaughlin - Secretary 

Lauren Ayers - Vice President 

Morgan Kirkwood - External Outreach

Toby Engelking - Internal Outreach

NeuroNewsletter will be sent out to you on a fortnightly basis to keep you informed on upcoming events, meetings and socials. This will feature  photographs from our events, the latest opportunities within the neuroscience field and details of how to get involved, external communications the society has received, minutes of committee  meetings, featured research papers with lay summaries (selected and condensed by our committee) and the occasional horrendous neuro-pun!

Proposed 2021/22 Events


NeuroSoc Committee will work hard throughout the month to invite neuro alumni, established professionals in the field, potential employers and neuroscience societies from around the globe  together for monthly networking opportunities and a chance to make (synaptic) connections!

NeuroSoc Talk

Invited by the committee, lecturers from the school of Psychology and Neuroscience, students of Neuroscience and Neurosoc members will take the floor to present a topic in Neuroscience of their choosing. After a short presentation, members can engage in open discussion. Good practise for assessed presentations.

Bloody Study

Not a risk assessment in sight... Ethics committees around the globe would quiver... TASK: Research and find the most unethical study throughout history that you can, and present your findings to the group. WARNING: Not for the fainthearted! - Keep up to date with latest events, society photos, and important society announcemnts - Discuss research, recruit study participants, connect with alumni and share memes


Paid Memberships
  • Neuroscience Society - Standard Membership£3.00