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We are an active society, meeting regularly to both play and discuss a variety of video games, some non-gaming specific events, and competitive gaming in university esports leagues.




We are an active society, meeting regularly to both play & discuss a variety of video games, ranging from retro & handhelds all the way to modern PC & console gaming. We also host non-gaming events such as pub crawls & quizzes throughout the year. We enter esports teams into University esports leagues too. 

We are always open to suggestions! So if you are mad for Mario Kart, have a Need for Speed or a craving for COD then please tell us! We are more than likely to share your desire to play these games! So if you’d like to get involved or make suggestions fire us an email at GamingSoc@.


We have a new minecraft server that will never be wiped. So hop on and leave your mark at: 


StAGS Esports logo done by Elspeth Rider of the Design Team.In 2018, for the first time ever, the St Andrews Gaming Society (StAGS) entered University esports leagues, such as NSE. We compete against many universities from across the UK.

In the Winter semester of 2018, we entered 11 teams across 7 different games into university esports leagues! If you have any questions, or you want to be on one of our teams, then shoot us an email! 

Updates on matches and results will be posted to our Facebook group, which is linked in the contact section. 

The StAGS Esports logo was created by Elspeth Rider of the Design Team.


Most of everything that happens in our society are on our Discord Server! It's a great place to chat with other members and connect with those who play the games you do. So join up.

You can access discord from an internet browser or you can download the app too!



Paid Memberships
  • Gaming - Standard Membership£3.00