A different film society.



We at DreamWorks Society want to:

  • Encourage a discussion of the film industry both in live action and animation. In terms of their handling of economic, political, and social issues.
  • Promote DreamWorks films and projects to the people of St Andrews and the wider population.
  • Promote the filmmaking community by providing an avenue for like minded individuals to come together under the banner of film, particulary DreamWorks project.

Which essentially means we will watch a lot of DreamWorks projects. We will cover everything from classics such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda to things you would never even think could be associated with DreamWorks like Saving Private Ryan and 1917.

So why don't you grab a couple of friends and come on down to one of our events?



Here are some of our main events throughout the year:

  • Watch parties - we'll watch any DreamWorks projects.
  • Discussions and debates - grab a drink or something to eat and chat about your favorite films. It's a discussion of the film industry. Talking about things from craft to political, economic or social issues in the media.
  • Fan Content Appreciation Night - once a year, we get together and showcase stuff from each other. Whether that be short film or scripts or anything under the sun.


Paid Memberships
Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.