Bacchae (Classics)

Salve omnes! Got an interest in Classics, Classical Studies, Classical Archaeology or Ancient History? We’re the society for you!



Salve omnes! We’re the Classics Society! Our aim is to promote Classics, Classical Studies, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at St Andrews. You don’t have to be doing a degree in classics to join – we’re open to all with an interest! We aim to put on events ranging from our monthly pub quizzes to test if you know your Caesar from you Cicero (among some more general knowledge, never fear!) to our Symposiums, arranging for a member of the Classics department to talk about their research interest in a casual environment! In the past we have also run games nights, and drama performances, including the student-produced CLC Live, where of course Caecilius was live in person! If any of that interested you, come to one of our events! We’d love to see you there!


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