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Children of Rwanda

This charity provides financial help to children and families in western Rwanda to cover education and healthcare costs. Our branch aims to raise money for and awareness of the charity.



Who are we? 

Children of Rwanda (CoR for short) is a registered NGO that provides financial help to families in western Rwanda to enable children to access their universal right to education. CoR sets up bursaries to cover the hidden costs of education, such as textbooks and school supplies, which helps the children to go to school and complete their education while having the proper materials to achieve academically. However, CoR also does so much more! The charity works with the families of the children on the programme to create sources of income to cover the costs of schooling independantly without relying on external help. This means that, once one family is fully established on the programme, it is able to support its childrens' education, and then CoR can welcome and begin to help other families. 

What makes CoR different to other charities? 

CoR is focused on providing aid in a sustainable way that places the communities and the families that are enrolled in the programmes at the heart of the decisions made. All of the programmes run by CoR are developed and implemented by the communities that are involved with the charity to make sure that the families benefit as much as possible. CoR operates in a way that respects Rwandan culture and traditions to generate sustainable change and empower the communities, operating with a Rwandan Board composed of four parent representatives. Having this board allows CoR to truly recognise the needs of the beneficiaries. The fact that CoR revolves around the community is one of the aspects of the charity that make it so wonderful - change is brought about by the communities that CoR helps, and because it is a small charity the changes and results that the programmes bring about are tangible and evident. Although CoR is a small charity, the impact that it has for beneficiaries is great. In 2019, 259 children were able to benefit from an education in their schools with a bursary from CoR. 1,218 people were given access to healthcare and 192 parents recieved training in farming techniques to help them start to create sources of income for their families. The work that CoR does is so necessary to help children access their universal right to an education and give them a better chance in life. You can visit the official Children of Rwanda website to read stories about the children on the CoR programme and how their lives have been impacted for the better on the following link:

What does the St. Andrews branch do? 

Usually you can find us running bake sales, organising musical events and socials to raise money for the charity and awareness of the work that CoR does. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we will be revising how we can hold events and fundrasiers whilst following social distanicng guidelines. Watch this space to see what we get up to the 2020-2021 academic year!

We are extremely lucky to be able to work closely with Robbie MacMillan, the founder and CEO of the charity. Robbie visits the communities in Rwanda that CoR is involved with at least once a year, as well as communicating directly with the Rwandan Board, the schools and the health centres to coordinate the programmes. He also visits us in St Andrews to discuss the charity and give us a greater insight into the work that CoR does, allowing us to fully understand where the money raised goes and the families that benefit from it. 

Keep your eye out for our membership and committee applications opening up soon!



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