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Banking and Finance

Providing technical training and speaker events for all students pursuing careers in banking and finance.



Our Mission

We are a new society, founded in 2019, and dedicated to helping students break into Banking & Finance careers (Investment Banking, Asset Management, Sales & Trading, Private Equity etc.). Any and all students are encouraged to join, no matter their experience, interests or year.


Our Events

We run two types of events: 'technical' training and speaker events. Some events are open to all members, but most technical events will be open to paying members only.

1. Technical training involves teaching students accounting concepts and financial techniques. These are used by Finance Professionals, and may be tested by employers as part of the selection process. Events in the past have included: Intro into Valuation, Sales and Trading simulation, Accounting, DCF Analysis.

2. Speaker Events involve external speakers and can cover a range of topics. These events give the opportunity to network and gain industry insight. Previous speakers have included journalists, alumni, finance professionals and academics. 


How do I get involved?

All events, vacancies and society positions are advertised through our facebook and mailing list. If you wish to get involved simply follow our Facebook page, or send us an email ([email protected]) requesting to be added to the mailing list. Everybody, no matter prior experience or age, is welcome to join!


Paid Memberships
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