Action for Muona

AFM is a society that organises events to raise funds/awareness for poverty alleviation programs in an isolated and impoverished township, Muona in Malawi



The isolated township of Muona is situated towards the end of a dissolute dirt road in Southern Malawi, and is one of the most disadvantaged communities in the world.

Our Malawi contact, William, keeps us up to date on what is going on there. 

At the moment contributions are helping to:
- Get teachers qualified (9 so far)
- Get electricity in school buildings so kids can study at night (this has seen grades go up significantly)
- Build shallow water damns to tackle the huge drought problems in Malawi (the worst drought in 80 years)
- Sponsor secondary school children to become qualified in midwifery; they are then contracted to stay in the community.
- Supply the poorest families with goats and teach them to look after them;once they have young it is handed on to the next poorest family

There is a long way to go. The community only has one hospital, Trinity, which has no Malawian doctor and only one part-time anaesthetist based a rough 80km away. 

It is full of young children, many of whom succumb to some combination of malnutrition, malaria and HIV, a pandemic.

The deaths of mothers and babies are routine features of the maternity ward.

There are two primary schools and one secondary school, which are painfully short of teachers, classrooms, and equipment.

Only a proportion of the local population is able to afford a secondary education for their children.

The average life span is 37 years.


Our agenda

We work in partnership with a student society from the University of Malawi, together supporting the Muona Foundation.

The current target that Action for Muona is aiming towards is the building of a new classroom block for Fatima Boys’ Primary School, the total cost of which is equivalent to £8,980. Ensuing this, we aim to assist funding the completion of the Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit at Trinity hospital. 

Previous fundraisers have included “Stand Up for Muona” our stand-up comedy event, “Music for Muona”, and our Action for Muona Ceilidh. We also look to receive grants and funding from various organisations and university societies throughout the year.







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