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Gluten Free

This is the Gluten Free society of St Andrews. We will share experiences of coeliacs, gluten free recipes, places with nice gluten free options in St Andrews, and so much more!!



Gluten Free St Andrews is a society formed with the aim of creating a community of gluten free people in St Andrews to share excellent gluten free food, recipes, and experiences, to spread awareness about celiac disease and to campaign for the rights of gluten free people. The latter point includes, but isn’t limited to, encouraging cafes and restaurants to expand their gluten free options and to be aware of contamination, and creating a guide of safe and delicious gluten free venues for all the St Andrews residents.

Whether you want to be part of our online or physical community, this is the place to start! We will be organising regular events, which will be advertised both here and on our Facebook and instagram profiles. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!

If you have a gluten free recipe, a personal experience connected to being gluten free or anything gluten-related that you think might spread awareness about gluten and coeliac, please submit it to us at [email protected], and we will post it on our website!


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