Book A Room

Check which rooms are free

You can access the timetables for each room and space in the Students' Association building here.  If your booking requires a bar, food or any commercial space please follow these procedures.

Booking as a society or subcommittee


Our room booking system for affiliates online. Society email accounts and councils members will have received or will soon receive your log in to the room booking system. Through the online system you can book meeting rooms but none of the bars or Venue Spaces (these can be booked here). The online system will only allow for 6 hours per week maximum, more can be approved at the Students’ Association reception or by the Sabbaticals. The system is based on a first come, first served basis. 


It is important to note that placing a booking online is purely provisional until it is approved and a confirmation email is received. 


Web links below for anyone outside of the university network (Not on Eduroam): 

Room Booking

Web Timetable

Web links below for anyone within the university network in St Andrews (Using Eduroam): 

Room Booking

Web Timetable


Affiliated societies can book rooms here.

Bar and performance spaces must be booked at the Students' Association reception. 

Booking for other groups, individuals and University departments

These room bookings can be done, as in the past, from the Students’ Association Reception. An events form must always be filled in. Queries should be directed to sarooms@.  Please check the room booking timetable at the top of this page before contacting reception. Please note there may be a charge associated with your booking.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Caroline, your Director of Student Development and Activities.