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Policy on Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing)

The Board of the University of St Andrews Students’ Association is committed to ensuring that the Association conducts its affairs with the highest standards and in firm adherence to the principles of conduct in public life including openness, accountability and integrity.

From time to time this may mean a student, officer of the Association, former or current employee of the Association or any other person coming forward with information they feel the Board should know about. Such information might relate to financial or other malpractice within the Association, illegal or unethical behaviour by an officer or member of staff of the Association, dangerous conditions, breaches of charity law or other regulations, or any other issue that raises a legitimate concern about the conduct of the Association’s business.

The Board undertakes to ensure that any person making such a disclosure can do so immediately and in safety without fear of reprisal or victimisation.

The designated contact to receive such concerns is the Convener of the Audit and Risk Committee. The alternative contact is the Chair of Board. Contact details for both of these individuals are listed at the end of this policy.

The Association will treat any such disclosures in a sensitive and confidential manner. The identity of the person making the disclosure will be protected unless such confidentiality would hinder the investigation of a disclosure.

In some cases, the investigative process may reveal the source of the information, and the individual making the disclosure may need to provide a statement as part of the evidence. The Board guarantees that the instigator of an investigation shall not consequently be disadvantaged or discriminated against in any way, provided he or she is reasonably believed to have acted lawfully, without malice, and in the public interest.

The recipient of such a disclosure will consider how best to investigate the matter, either by reference to an existing Association policy or procedure of (if no such policy or procedure applies) by investigating the issue in any other manner they see fit, including reference to external legal advice and/or referral to the University if appropriate. The outcome of this investigation will be reported to the Board and to the complainant in full along with any recommendations for action.

Because this process is intended to allow the Association an opportunity to investigate such concerns while preserving confidentiality in so far as possible for the person disclosing the information, this Code may not be invoked by a person whose concerns have been revealed in the media (including the student media) or to any external body or organisation.

External advice

If you are thinking of making a disclosure under this Policy, you may benefit from advice from the following source:

Public Concern At Work: 02074046609, http://www.pcaw.org.uk/


  • Convenor of the Finance, Audit and Risk committee: Lewis Wood, Association President, [email protected] or c/o Union Building, St Mary’s Place, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9UZ.
  • David Scott, Chair of Board: [email protected] or c/o Union Building, St Mary’s Place, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9UZ


In the preparation of this Code, due account has been taken of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

Feburary 2018.