The University of St Andrews Students’ Association assigns great importance to the University’s role within the international community, and therefore commits to supporting, selling, and promoting Fairtrade goods. This will be achieved by maintaining our Fairtrade status, as defined by the Fairtrade Foundation. The Fairtrade Foundation has outlined five goals for a Fairtrade University, and our commitment to them is as follows:

  1. Fairtrade products are made available for sale in all Students’ Association eateries and bars.

  2. Fairtrade products (i.e. tea and coffee) are served at all meetings that require refreshments hosted by the Students’ Association, or that take place within Students’ Association premises.

  3. The Students’ Association will promote the sale of (and encourage increased consumption of) Fairtrade products via the following methods:

    • Fairtrade materials will be displayed on notice boards promoting commitment to Fairtrade foods.

    • Materials will be displayed in every place where Fairtrade products are sold.

    • Appropriate information and campaigns will be published on the Students’ Association website.

    • The Students’ Association will commit to running a series of events during the annual Fairtrade Fortnight (March), and will do this in collaboration with relevant bodies where appropriate.

  4. Representatives from the Students’ Association, and relevant subcommittees where appropriate, will attend the joint Students’ Association and University of St Andrews Fairtrade Steering Group. Its job will be to continuously monitor and improve the approaches and commitment to Fairtrade. This group will include representatives from:

    • Residential & Business Services (including Catering).

    • The University

    • The Students’ Association

    • Appropriate societies & subcommittees

    • St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign Group

  5. The Students’ Association Environment Committee will be responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Fairtrade Policy, with regular communication with the Students’ Association Food & Beverage Manager.

  6. This policy statement will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Date of Composition: 01/02/2014
Date of Amendment: 23/04/2018
Signed: 23rd April 2018, Lewis Wood, Association President
Date of next review: June 2019