Class Rep Election nominations open until Friday 5pm! To find out more about being a rep, contact your School President

Our 350+ Class Representatives are the core of the Students' Association's academic representation activities. Every year, students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, in every degree-bearing subject elect Class Representatives to be their voice to the School on improving the student learning experience.


What do Class Reps do?

Class Representatives sit on their School's Student-Staff Consultative Committee to present student opinion on the course.  Class Representatives have the power to advocate based on student opinion on: curriculum, learning resources, the learning and teaching process, assessment and feedback, student progression and achievement, guidance and support, and quality enhancement and assurance. They work closely with their School President and academic staff on improving the learning & teaching experience.

Class Reps are trained and led by the Director of Education, with special training available for Postgraduate Reps. We also offer four expansion packs (Library, Employability, Social, and Secretary) for Class Reps to focus on thematic issues over the course of the year. You can read up about the roles and expansion packs here.


How can I run to become a Class Rep?

All Schools run their nominations in Week 1 online through the University's election portal. Voting takes place in Week 2 online via the elections portal, with the exceptions of the Schools of Physics & Astronomy and the PGT reps in the School of Management, who run their elections by paper ballot. Any questions contact your School President.


Class Rep Election nominations open until Friday 5pm! To find out more about being a rep, contact your School President.

What's in it for me?

Becoming a Class Rep opens up a number of opportunities.  Class Reps get the chance to work directly with their teaching staff on a regular basis and learn more about their course.  They also have the chance to earn valuable skills like public speaking, time management, negotiation, and advocacy. Class Reps also have the chance to stand as candidates for the Proctor's Award for students that make extraordinary contributions to the promotion of learning and teaching in the University. They are also eligible for the Class Reps Awards, which recognises outstanding contributions to improving the student learning experience.