Volunteering Officer

Hi! I'm Maja Juszczakiewicz Lewis, your SAF Volunteering Officer for 2021/22. I represent students on all matters relating to volunteering.


Maja Unpronounceable Lewis


Key responsibilities

  • Convene and chair St Andrews Voluntary Services (SVS), leading a committee of 15 members
  • Represent all students on volunteering issues
  • Facilitate the 74 current SVS volunteering projects, and supervise the process through which project leaders assign volunteers
  • Organise fundraising and social events through SVS
  • Organise training for volunteers prior to the launch of projects
  • Encourage volunteering, and support any student who shows interest
  • Promote the activities and opportunities of SVS to the student and local population
  • Enable students to engage with the wider community
  • Help to organise Give Back Weekend
  • Update the SVS Volunteer Handbook
  • Determine the overall strategic direction of SVS
  • Sit on the SAF and University Volunteering Operations Group

How my position affects you

Every matriculated student is automatically part of SVS, and thus has the opportunity to volunteer. I'm here to help you get involved, answer any questions you have about volunteering or the volunteering portal, and represent your volunteer-related issues to the Association and University.

About me

I'm a 3rd year Psychology and Film student and have been volunteering since high school, so I am very excited to be leading such a cool committee! Aside from my love for volunteering, I also have an interest in art and films. When I'm not volunteering, you'll find me making my own jewellry and watching an old film.

My manifesto pledges

  • I want to put on more events. Let's all meet each other: volunteer pub quizzes, pot lucks, educational talks, and more befriending opportunities.
  • Engage with the Covid support group, to ensure they are supported
  • Set up phone call befriending for those who have spent the pandemic in isolation
  • Support the University's established wellbeing projects: buddying in halls, Peer Support, and Sexpression
  • Set up more degree-specific projects
  • Fix yoursvs.org.uk! Make sure all project information is up to date, with resources about the charities and other things you can do in the community, such as how to help in your subject area.
  • Get degree representatives, to see if there are any volunteer or support positions in each degree area
  • Implement the Accessibility Pledge, and ensure project applications and social media are accessible to all students.
  • Create a buddy system for volunteers, so they are matched with people on similar projects to improve the volunteer community
  • Make project-specific training so volunteers feel prepared going into their sessions
  • Collaborate with more societies and groups like Transition when planning training, to make it both educational and informative
  • Make training more accessible, and available online as a course you can return to whenever needed
  • Collaborate with other groups, such as the Environment Subcommittee in specific project areas, to ensure we have the appropriate links to connect as many potential volunteers as possible
  • Improve our social media following
  • Expand the Give Back Awards, to make sure volunteers get the recognition they deserve for all the work they do!
  • Create a Volunteer of the Month, with prizes from local businesses
  • Publicise CEED volunteer training, so volunteers can put it on their CV
  • Continue hosting careers events, including those tailored to students looking for internships in the volunteering sector
  • Get testimonials from previous volunteers who are now working in the volunteering sector, detailing how they reached their goals
  • Transparency talks about how some aspects of charity are flawed, and how some charities promote their personal economics over equity

Want my job?

This position is elected in March each year. It's a voluntary position taking 5-10 hours per week, from April to March. Any matriculated student is eligible to stand for election, unless graduating.

If you're considering this role, get in touch with me or my line manager (DoSDA) to ask any questions.

  • Experience interacting with SVS or a local volunteering project
  • Dedicated to improving volunteering opportunities and volunteer recognition
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Creative and adaptable
  • Able to manage and work in a team, and effectively delegate tasks

Through holding this position, you will improve support for student volunteers, gain experience leading a team, develop professional communication skills, and work with a wide range of people. Hours spent working on this role count towards a Volunteering Award, which is listed on your academic transcript.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Maja Juszczakiewicz Lewis



2020/21 Cara Nicholson


2019/20 Lisa Marie Husby



2018/19 Adam Lord

S18-3: Motion to restructure the SVS committee

2017/18 Natasha Bateman
2016/17 Sarah Rodway-Swanson
2015/16 Julian Urruela
2014/15 Nicole Timpone
2013/14 Shelly Talbot
2012/13 Shelly Talbot
2011/12 Alex Co