Charles Barker

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Hi, I’m Charles (He/Him), and I’ll get straight to the point. I want to be the one to welcome you back to the Union with events designed for you. Now, more than ever, we need a DoES who can collaborate with as many as possible. I will ensure to include student voices into event planning so your nights out are executed the way you want them. It’s clear that institutions like the BOP are not cutting it anymore: students have been clamouring for change, yet their voices have fallen upon deaf ears. So, I pledge to start planning a re-consultation into Friday nights as soon as I get into office, with a promise that if you want to see Fridays torn down and built from the ground up again, I will do just that.

I will ensure to promote COVID-related contingency plans, whilst also maintaining an optimistic outlook that full in-person events will remain for the entire academic year. On top of this, I will work with management to give assurances to our incoming fourth years, as well as recent graduates, that they will enjoy a Graduation Ball next year.

I will work to make the Union building itself a more attractive prospect to use, for both students and societies. Not only will I redecorate both indoor and outdoor venues, but I will also make it easier to use Union spaces by updating the booking system - the current procedures involving filing annotated papers are severely outdated and desperately need to be brought into the 21st century.

The Union must be a safe place for all. Everyone should feel welcome, and everyone should feel comfortable. The Union needs to do more in terms of safety and create a direct discourse surrounding how the Association can improve safety protocols and overall support - especially for those who have experienced misconduct and wrongdoing.

I have some other great policies in my manifesto (, which cover a detailed plan for every night of the week; an expansive, more sustainable menu; lobbying for better public transit for commuter students; and so much more!


Anna Novikova
Hello! My name is Anna and I want to be your DoES in the upcoming year. We’ve all been through a rough time, but I promise that as we continue to emerge from this pandemic, I will try my hardest to make up for your lost university experience. St Andrews has been my home for several years now and I feel that I am deeply in touch with the needs and desires of other students like me. Communication is key to success, so I will make sure to keep you updated regularly about my goals for the Union and my progress in accomplishing them. I will make it easy for you to raise concerns and offer suggestions, which I will acknowledge and take into account when planning future events. I will advocate for affordable prices, and will make an effort to better advertise the Union’s events and services so nobody misses out. Finally, I would love to see students showcasing their talents, so one of my goals will be to organise events that will encourage that, such as art exhibits, singing competitions, and talent shows. There is plenty of opportunity for us to have a safe and enjoyable year if our Union is managed efficiently and enthusiastically, and I believe that I am the right person for this job.

Emily Rebecca Watson

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I'm Emily, and I'm running to be your next Director of Events and Services because I fully believe I can bring a positive change to our Union. I've been a student here for the past 5 years of which I have loved every second so I am familiar with everything this town has to offer.

I am passionate about music, the arts, working with others, and making sure people are happy and safe. I want to be able to ensure that all students make the most out of their time here and have access to everything the Union has to offer.

I have experience leading teams, organising large events (such as a Hall Ball), collaborating with others, and working to tight deadlines. I'm a people person, through and through. I'm creative, and I love coming up with new ideas for things.

My key focuses for change revolve around the following topics: The Union; Involvement; Safety and Accessibility. Some ideas include:
- Revamping the BOP
- More live music events
- Working closely with societies on having more workshops and events
- Efficient booking processes for all Union spaces
- More outlets
- More accessibility for disabled students
- Promoting the Union's use of Ask for Angela
- Collaborating with local businesses and creators
- Regular student input

You can find more of my ideas in detail in my 'minifesto'.

My goal is to help improve the quality of experience at the Union and ensure that anyone who visits any event feels safe and happy. I value the feedback and input from the student community, and I want to establish a clear line of communication between myself and any student. I also believe that it's important to work closely with student societies and groups to further understand what it is that the student community want to experience, and what they want to see happen in our Union.

I know that as your next DoES, I can bring new changes and positive experiences for each student in this town and will do my best to make sure of it.

Bella Zeff
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I'm Bella (she/her) and I'm running for DoES because I'm determined to make the St Andrews student experience vibrant and exciting as we transition out of a difficult year. I will actively listen to you to reinvent St Andrews nightlife, introduce more live music events, utilise outdoor spaces, and ensure that there's something for all students. With tons of experience from two years coordinating theatre on Mermaids committee, to programming on the Barron theatre subcommittee, to Head of Events for BALLADS, I am well-equipped to lead this transition and make your union events better than ever before. 

As we welcome a new generation of first years along with returning students whose university experiences have been anything but normal, I will bring back the events and atmosphere many of us know and love while revamping St Andrews nightlife and the spaces we're finally able to return to. I will revitalise Friday nights, with a mixture of classic themed BOPs (we're all partial to ABBA in moderation) and student DJ collective led club nights. 

I will push the use of outdoor spaces, making the FiEld and the Piazza exciting hubs of student activity, as well as actively engaging with Fife Council about using some of the other amazing outdoor spaces we have around town. Having a good outdoor set up will be both incredible and essential *just in case* returning COVID restrictions place limits on indoor venues. Online fatigue is real, but it's important to ensure that students who can't return still feel involved with student life - I will gather feedback to figure out exactly what far-away students want, and experiment with hybrid online/in-person events. 

I will create a guide for societies for the transition to in-person events and strongly integrate the Byre into student life - having been involved with Barron Theatre discussions since the beginning I'm ready to launch back in and amplify student voices. 

That said, most important to all of this is YOU. I will actively engage with the student population to gather ideas and feedback, which I will listen to and implement. My inbox is always open.


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