Raisin Weekend dates far back into St Andrews’ history, so called because children traditionally gave their academic parents a pound of raisins to thank them for welcoming them to St Andrews. These days your parents would probably prefer a bottle of wine, but feel free to stay traditional! 

The St Andrews academic family is unique. Other universities pair up students with their academic parents but here the tradition has always been passed down from student to student. However, this also means we all have a responsibility, as we are the only custodians of this tradition. So have a fantastic time but remember that this weekend is about much more than just drinking, it’s about making the friends you could keep for life and taking part in one of the traditions that makes St Andrews entirely unique. Please make sure that everyone involved in your Raisin can look back on the weekend fondly - let's protect the tradition for years to come

For information on Raisin Weekend safety and updates, like Raisin Weekend St Andrews on Facebook

For more information about the history of Raisin have a look at Raisin Weekend on visitstandrews.com.


Normal Schedule

First Day

  • 12pm: head over to your academic mum's for lunch, cake, and fun games with your academic family (remember to bring a nice gift)
  • 5pm: head over to you academic dad's for dinner, snacks, and fun games with your academic siblings (remember to bring a nice gift)

Second Day

  • 8am: breakfast
  • 9am: head over to your academic mum's and she will dress you up in a costume
  • 10am: head over to your academic dad's and he will give you your Raisin receipt
  • 11am: Foam Fight on Lower College Lawn (entrance via North Street)


Getting Help

Look after each other and if you are not feeling well, remember that you are not in it alone! Don't be afraid to ask your friends and academic family for help. You can also call your Wardens if you live in halls (make sure to save their duty phone number to your mobile beforehand), or call the ASC on (01334 46) 2020 between noon and midnight. Nightline (an anonymous and confidential listening and information service) is open as usual 8pm-7am on (01334 46) 2266.

If a situation becomes dangerous, contact the first aid responders at the Union.


Raisin Receipts

It is traditional for academic fathers to present their academic children with Raisin Receipts to take to the Quad for the foam fight. They were traditionally written on parchment. Whatever object the receipt is, it should have the following Latin phrase written on it: 

Ego civis (name of parent), tertianus/a (if you’re a third year) or magistrandus/a (fourth year) huius celeberrimae universitatis Sancti Andreae, qui (father's degree subject) studeo, a te (child's name), meo/a bejanto/ina carissimo/a qui (child's degree subject) studeat, unam libram uvarum siccarum accepisse affirmo pro qua multas gratias tibi ago.


Please remember that your Raisin Receipt should be of reasonable size and safe: oversize, electrical, stolen or otherwise illegal raisin receipts will be confiscated and you and your kids will face disciplinary action. Please also remember that regardless of type, all raisin receipts will be thrown away before the academic kids enter the quad. If you or your academic child would like to keep their receipt make sure to hold on to it for them while they are in the foam fight!


Raisin Costumes

Parents: Do not leave the creation of your Raisin costumes for your children to Raisin Monday. You will not impress anyone by dressing your children up in a condom costume!