You should always view a flat personally if you can: there’s simply no substitute for seeing the place you’re going to live in person. But sometimes this just might not be possible. Students or prospective students who’re not in the UK, for example, often can’t make a special trip just to view a flat.


If this applies to you, we may be able to help. Contact to see if you could take advantage of our Private Accommodation Viewing Service (PAVS).


Terms and Conditions

  1. This service is provided to current or prospective students of the University of St Andrews Students’ Association only (hereinafter referred to as ‘clients’ of the service).
  2. The service is limited to visiting each property for which a visit is requested on one occasion, and reporting back the results of that visit to the client.
  3. Clients will be sent a confirmation by email if a representative is available to view the property at the proposed time. No appointment is valid until confirmed.
  4. Clients must be aware that from time to time, due to shortage of representatives, the Association may not be able to fulfil a PAVS request or may have to cancel a request. We will always endeavour to notify clients in advance where this will be the case.
  5. Properties to be viewed must be in St Andrews or within a 10 mile distance of St Andrews by road. Properties outside St Andrews may require additional notice and are subject to the availability of a representative able to travel.
  6. Normally clients will be expected to assume responsibility for contacting and communicating with the landlord or agent. The only exception to this will be where the landlord or agent requests direct contact with the Association to arrange a viewing time, or in the case of a viewing time having to be cancelled or rearranged at short notice.
  7. The report will be sent by email only.
  8. The report will cover physical aspects of the property as observed at that viewing only. PAVS reports will make no comment as to the affordability or suitability of a property for the client concerned, these matters being for the clients to judge for themselves.
  9. PAVS viewings will not incorporate checks on electrical safety, gas safety, fire safety or other matters that are the responsibility of the landlord to ensure under the relevant legislation, eg PAT testing. Clients should verify these with the landlord directly.
  10. Any decision to proceed or not to proceed with letting a property rests solely with the client and the Association will not advise a client on whether to do so.
  11. The University of St Andrews Students’ Association accepts no responsibility for defects or problems in the property that could not reasonably have been observed during the visit, or for any restrictions put in place by the landlord or agent that may hinder the process of viewing.