Students can either email or bring a paper copy of their tenancy agreement in to the Union for our Human Resources Manager to look through and check that everything is legal and up to date.

Just email helphub@st-andrews.ac.uk if you have a query or wish to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment by calling (0 1334 46) 2700.


Lease checking service terms and conditions


  1. This service is provided by the University of St Andrews Students’ Association (hereinafter ‘the Association’) to current or prospective students of the University of St Andrews only (hereinafter referred to as ‘clients’ of the service). 
  2. The service is offered only in relation to properties let in Scotland for the purposes of accommodation while engaged in study on a course at the University of St Andrews.
  3. The service consists of reading a draft or final copy of a lease proposed by the prospective landlord or agent, explaining terms and conditions therein and suggesting points that the client may wish to discuss with the prospective landlord or agent. Such suggestions may refer to requirements of relevant legislation and associated guidance (principally the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016 and government published guides to this act).
  4. The service is provided on a good faith basis with reasonable skill and care but it is not professional legal advice that clients can rely on. Clients are advised to take appropriate professional legal advice on any matters that they are not comfortable with.  
  5. The Association will ensure that this service is only offered by appropriately trained staff[1]. No other staff or volunteer may offer comment on a lease. 
  6. The Association will not under any circumstances direct a client to sign or not to sign a lease.
  7. The Association shall not enter into direct contact with the landlord or their agent, nor any associated regulatory bodies such as Fife Council, concerning the lease. All such communications and the decision on whether to enter into them are and remain the sole responsibility of the client.  
  8. Comments are made on the lease as it is presented by the client, and any additional information supplied by the client about the property etc. The Association accepts no responsibility for changes made to the lease after the consultation, material facts that were not disclosed during the consultation, or erroneous information supplied by the client. 

  * ‘Appropriately trained’ in this case denotes successful completion of a course such as Shelter Scotland/Scottish Government Private Residential Tenancy training or equivalent.