Our Box Office which is situated at the bottom of our piazza is open Saturday 7th - Saturday 14th, 10am - 10pm (Sunday 17th,  10am - 8pm).  You must collect your wristband on the day of each event before 10pm or your ticket will be resold. Our Box office will be open for any resales 10:30pm - 2am, please note resales are limited to one wristband per preson.



A GOLDEN TICKET will guarantee you entry to some of the biggest nights during Freshers week as well as saving you money on individual ticket prices.

At the start of Freshers' Week (7th and 8th September, 10am - 6pm), you will be able to collect your Golden Ticket from our box office to then exchange the paper tickets on the day of each event for a band from the Union Box Office. Please note: Only a band can get you into the event.


individual tickets

All Freshers week tickets (including your GOLDEN TICKETS) will be collected at the Union Box Office during Freshers Week. Tickets will not be posted out to your address

Please note that you can't sign in guests (students from affiliated universities can attend our Freshers' events) and you must present a valid student ID at ticket collection and individual events.



Under 18?

If you're a student joining us before their 18th birthday then the Freshers' Week lineup is open to you. You are welcome to buy tickets and enjoy the events.

The Union is special in allowing underage guests into the building. Drinking under the age of 18 is illegal in Scotland. It can result a ban from the building whether you purchase alcohol or consume alcohol someone else has bought for you (or any free alcohol available at society events). So don't risk it, and enjoy the night on soft drinks!

Please note you must present a valid matriculation card and an other form of proof of ID at ticket collection and individual events.

Entering the building

Please note during Freshers' Week there is a £2 charge after 11pm (excluding Sunday the 15th).  If you have a wristband for the night you don’t need to pay the £2 charge but please note the wristband does not guarantee you entry to the rest of the building only to the main venue.


If you don’t swap your ticket for your wristband on the day before 10:00pm then your ticket will be released for release.


Please be aware that we will not give refunds.


Should you experience any difficulty in purchasing tickets please contact us and we will see how we can help! For the most up to date information visit our facebook page.