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Chinese Hongpao

Not only for Chinese-speaking students. We are here for everyone.



We provide peer-support and opportunities for Chinese-speaking students to bond with other communities and also promotes Chinese culture, and integrates the Chinese element to the diverse cultural environment in St Andrews.We also provide a forum for anyone who are interested in Chinese culture to communicate with Chinese-speaking students.  

Our events: 

Chinese Conversation Session:  Our FREE Mandarin session will be held weekly during the semester for every speaking-level. You will be matched with a 1-1 tutor at the beginning of the semester. Get involved by signing up our session or become a volunteer tutor if you are fluent in Mandarin! 

New Year Gala: We will put on multiple interesting dance/music performance as well as comedy sketch at the beginning of February each year to celebrate Chinese New Year. If you have a talent, do sign up our rehearsal announcement in November! 

Adoption Party: Do you want a Chinese-focus family? Our Adoption Party will provide you the opportunity to find yourself belonging in St Andrews and get ready for raisin!! 

Football Matches: The friendly football match with other cultural societies. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the afternoon by football bonding!


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