Science & Medicine Faculty President

Hello, I’m Dennis, Faculty President of Science and Medicine!

Hello, I’m Dennis, Faculty President of Science and Medicine!

In my current role, I will spend the year working with Sophia, the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity. Alongside our own initiatives, we represent the students on three main councils:


Education Committee/School Presidents Forum: Here, we meet with the School Presidents, as well as the Director of Education and Postgraduate Convener. This allows us to discuss specific School related issues, providing a platform of support and cooperation for the School Presidents. We also give input on University matters, providing perspectives from students in every department to institution-wide decisions.


Student Representation Committee (SRC): Here, Sophia and I sit alongside other elected councillors. Most of the representatives have a non-academic remit, so we often weigh in on matters affecting academic student life.


Academic Council/Senatus Academicus: This is the highest academic body in the University. Here, we work alongside the Association President and Postgraduate Convener to represent the student voice to the University’s management.


My general goal is to help improve your experience at St Andrews in any setting, so if you’re a Science or Medicine student, or even if you’re just taking a Science module, feel free to drop me an email at or I’m open to comments, concerns, questions, suggestions and random fun facts. You can also come and see me during my office hours: Tuesdays 5-6pm in Rector’s Cafe, and Fridays 11-12am in the Physics Cafe.