Science & Medicine Faculty President

Hi, I’m John, Faculty President of Science and Medicine

Hi, I’m John, Faculty President of Science and Medicine

I’m a 5th year Astrophysicist and formerly President of the School of Physics and President of the St Andrews Astronomical Society. Upon graduation I will pursue a doctorate in astrophysics, focusing on the nature and evolution of galaxies throughout cosmic time. In my free time, I work closely with public observatories in both the UK and US on outreach projects to enhance the public appreciation and understanding of science at large.

In this role I work alongside Nicola, Faculty President of Arts and Divinity. We have three main areas of representation:

Firstly, we sit on the Education Committee. Here, with the Director of Education, Postgraduate Convenor, and School Presidents, we meet to discuss pressing issues within the Schools, as well as giving input on matters from the University itself.  We are a thinktank for all things education, striving to improve the student academic life.

Secondly, we sit on the SRC along with other elected councilors. In this body, Nicola and I present and discuss matters affecting student academic life, conveying the issues to an audience of varied, and often non-academic, responsibilities.

Lastly, we are two of four undergraduate representatives on Senatus Academicus, or Academic Council, the highest academic body in the University. Here we work alongside the Association President and Postgraduate Convenor to best represent the student voice to members of Senior Management, including Heads of School and the Principals Office, among others.

Most of all, we are here to help better your time here in St Andrews. If you’re a science student (or studying a science module), please get in touch with me at or If you’re an arts student (or studying an arts module), please get in touch with Nicola. Only with your voice can we as a community better ourselves, and flourish!