Postgraduate Academic Convenor

Hi! My name is Fanny Empacher, and I’m the Postgraduate Academic Convenor for 2017/18.

Hi! My name is Fanny Empacher, and I’m the Postgraduate Academic Convenor for 2017/18.

Last year, I did my MSc in Applies Statistics and Datamining in St Andrews and am now staying here to do my PhD in Statistics. I’m excited to stay here and happy to be involved in student representation!

In the role of PG Convenor, I’m responsible for representing all Postgraduate students for all academic matters. My non-academic counterpart is the Postgraduate Development Officer, Mizuki, who works on everything from accommodation through library provision to welfare.

As PG convenor, I’m working as a link between the Student’s Association and the University. On the University side, this means sitting on the Learning and Teaching Committee, the Postgraduate Research Committee, and the Academic Council, as well as being part of various other groups that aim to improve Postgraduate study at this University. Within the Student’s Association, I’m a member of the Postgraduate Society committee, the Student Representative Council, the School President’s Forum and the Education Committee. I work closely with the Director of Education, Zach, as well as the President of the Postgraduate Society, Jenn.

In addition to these committee duties, I’m also the point of contact for Postgraduate class reps: In the beginning of the year, I organise their training and help them with their new roles. Throughout the year, we keep in contact through smaller meetings, and through the Postgraduate Executive Forums, where we meet with senior members of the University to bring forward and discuss ideas on how to improve the Postgraduate experience. The Postgraduate community in St Andrews is very diverse and keeping in touch with the class reps helps me to represent all students, regardless of their background, program of study, full or part time, and where they live. 

I hope that I’ll help improve your experience here by making sure postgrads know about the University’s plans concerning postgraduate study, and equally making sure that the University knows about your opinions, needs and perspectives.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or cour class reps if you have any ideas or comments! You can reach me by email at pgconven@ – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Information on the Role

The Postgraduate Academic Convenor is elected in March by the postgraduate student body to represent postgraduate interests within the University and the Students’ Association.

Fanny Empacher is the current Postgraduate Academic Convenor.

Along with the other student officers, they sit on Academic Council (read summaries from my Academic Council meetings here), Learning & Teaching Committee, and the Postgraduate Research Committee where any new policies and regulations regarding postgraduate studies will be discussed and passed. They also work closely with other units such as the Library, Careers and Student Services to ensure that the postgraduate (academic) experience is the best it can be.

Current topics they have been working on are study space issues and better training and pay for PhD students who teach.

There are also postgraduate representatives for both research and taught students in every School that are the direct link within departments for postgraduate students to address any concerns. These student representatives are elected at the beginning of each academic year and the Postgraduate Convenor meets with them twice per semester to discuss current issues.

The hub for postgraduate activities is the Postgraduate Society that organizes multiple events throughout the year and is led by the Postgraduate Society President (pgpres@).