LGBT Officer

Hi, I’m Zelda (she/her & they/them), and I’m your Association LGBT+ Officer (Saints LGBT+ President)

Hi, I’m Zelda (she/her & they/them), and I’m your Association LGBT+ Officer (Saints LGBT+ President)

My name is Zelda and I am a fourth year International Relations with Psychology Student from Minnesota, USA and I will be your LGBT+ Officer for the 2018-2019 school year! As the Association LGBT+ Officer I am honored to head up the Saints LGBT+ committee to ensure that all LGBT+ students feel welcomed and have a pleasant, comfortable and positive experience- whether through wellbeing focused drop-in sessions or identity specific meet-ups or more social events like Pride, dance parties and so much more! 

Through this role I also sit on SRC/SSC, Equal Opportunities Committee and the Wellbeing Committee; and am always more than happy to hear your comments, concerns and ideas of what you want to be done in order make University a great experience. Coming to University can be stressful, especially as an LGBT+ individual, and I will work hard in ensure that things can go more smoothly alongside the amazing Saints LGBT+ committee. 

I’m usually a very approachable person and can usually be found lurking in the Student Union, so feel free to come chat with me about anything you’d like- if you want to chat about the weather, knitting or anything else- or any problems you have related to LGBT+ issues and I can try to help figure out if I can help in anyway and if I don’t have the answers I can help direct you to someone who can answer your questions or concerns! If you don’t feel comfortable coming up in person, feel free to shoot me an email via contact Saints LGBT+ Facebook page!

Super excited for this year and to meet a lot of you!