LGBT Officer

Hey! I'm Ryan, and I'm your Association LGBT+ Officer (Saints LGBT+ President)

Hey! I'm Ryan, and I'm your Association LGBT+ Officer (Saints LGBT+ President)

My name is Ryan Hay, I'm a fourth year English Student from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, and I'm so excited to be your Association LGBT+ Officer next year. As President of Saints LGBT+ I get to head up a union subcommittee that has helped me along with the huge amount of personal growth I've made at St Andrews, and made me some incredible friends. I really can't wait to replicate that for the next year of lucky people to join the St Andrews community.

It can be really hard, especially as an LGBT+ person, to move away from home and to live independently, and there's no sense in pretending that it's not incredibly stressful to be at University at all. It's for these reasons that I'm proud to be working with the Students' Association so that Saints LGBT+ can do our best to make this a positive and comfortable experience (wether that be welfare drop-in sessions, pride parades, or drag queen dance parties). 

It's been a long and sometimes difficult journey since I came to St Andrews, but I can say with all honesty with that I have become a happier person every year, and I'm going to do whatever as your Association LGBT+ Officer to give every one of our students that wonderful experience of this University. 

Follow me on Twitter @_ryan_hay for a nice mix of political ire and updates on what Saints LGBT+ are up to!