Member for Gender Equality

Hi, I'm Isabella and I'm your Member for Gender Equality for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Hi, I'm Isabella and I'm your Member for Gender Equality for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Hello hello! My name is Isabella Smith, and I’m your Member for Gender Equality. Fighting for gender equality, whether in my hometown of New York or here in St. Andrews, has always been of vital importance to me. While we are lucky to enjoy the many privileges that come with going to a university like ours, we are still a long way away from our goal of equality between and for students of all genders.  


All my goals seek to build upon progress made by our previous representative. Some main priorities include increasing the visibility/accessibility of the university’s sexual health clinic, and ensuring collaboration between women-focused societies, especially on International Women’s Day, to foster a cohesive movement by and for the women of St. Andrews. In addition, we must work to incorporate trans and pronoun education into the already mandatory training tutors attend at the start of each academic year. This ultimately will foster a more inclusive environment for those of all gender identities in our town. 


I am extremely excited for all of the projects we have planned for the upcoming year, and hope that you’ll get involved as well! While I have multiple projects I am committed to seeing through, I fully expect my goals for this position to change as I understand more about what the St. Andrews community both craves and needs. Please feel free to email me about anything you think may pertain to my position, whether it’s a personal gender related issue, an idea for an event that would interest/benefit students or anything in-between (my email is is51@)! I can’t wait to hear from you.