Environment Officer

Hi there! I'm Lauren Davis and I'm your Environment Officer for 2018-19

Hi there! I'm Lauren Davis and I'm your Environment Officer for 2018-19

I’m a 4th year BSc Joint Honours Geography and Management student from Texas. As your Environment Officer, I sit on both the SRC and SSC, representing the voice of the student body with regards to environmental concerns, I chair the Environment Subcommittee. The subcommittee and I host a variety of events to raise awareness and student engagement about Environmental and sustainability issues around the university.

Over the academic year, we have many exciting environmentally-focused events and opportunities for you to get involved. Our biggest event is our annual Green Week, in Week 4 of first semester: 6-12th October. We have a wide array of events for both students and locals, from societies events, outside speakers, and film screenings! The goal of this week is to generate conversations and movement towards eliminating any unsustainable practices. Please do come along to the events as it’s a great opportunity to meet various Environment and Sustainability groups and gain more insight into what we are currently doing to improve our carbon footprint as as individuals and as a university.

St Andrews has an array of environmental policies in place, but we are always looking to do more. It is important to realize the fragility of our planet; anything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint is a step towards a more sustainable future. It is my goal to implement policies and raise student engagement in order to improve the University’s sustainability ranking amongst other UK universities. We need to demonstrate ourselves as a leading institution, not just in academics, but also in our approach to living sustainably. If you would like to know more, or get involved, please follow our Facebook Page or contact us via: eande@st-andrews.ac.uk