Member for Students with Disabilities

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm the Member for Students with Disabilities

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm the Member for Students with Disabilities

I am a third year history student from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. For the first few of weeks of my first year at St Andrews I was finding it really difficult to cope with the amount of required reading. I approached student services who sent me for a dyslexia test. As soon as I found out I was dyslexic, I received support in lectures, equipment to aid my learning and a Disabled Students' Allowance. This has changed my university experience, allowing me to achieve that which I am capable of. 

I have also observed the support that my younger sister receives at her university. She has scoliosis which means she is in chronic pain and often must use a wheelchair. The support that she receives means that she can live a university life that is based on her abilities rather than her disabilities.

This is at the heart as to why I stood for this position and at the core of everything I am seeking to achieve in the role. I hope to increase awareness of services available to Students with Disabilities but also look to aid in improving them; I want to ensure that no one under achieves or fails to experience a happy university career due to lack of support for their disability. I also want to increase awareness of different disabilities among the student body as many are misunderstood or unknown. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas of how to improve the situation for students with disabilities at St Andrews or simply need some information about the services available. I would love to hear from you. 


The Member for Students with Disabilities is asked to ensure that any student with a disability, no matter the type, is represented within St Andrews and can voice their concerns or questions!  This has a wide inclusion and focusses on maintaining and increasing the support availible to all those who can see themselves as disabled in any way. It is also their job to increase awareness and understanding within the student community. They work closely with fellow members of the Equal Opportunities Committee to initiate and promote events and opportunities offered to students.