Community Relations

Hey, y'all! My name is Hannah and I'm your Community Relations Officer

Hey, y'all! My name is Hannah and I'm your Community Relations Officer

Hi! I'm Hannah Rose Raleigh, your Association Community Relations Officer. 

I hail from the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, where I lived for 12 years prior to my enrollment at St Andrews. Though a move across the Atlantic was at times daunting, the decision is the best I've made to date. Even before moving to Charlotte, I'd never lived in a small town; city living was the only thing I had grown up knowing. To say that life in St Andrews was a change is an understatement! However, I quickly fell in love (as we are all wont to do) with our little seaside town and all it has to offer -- it is truly a privilege to call St Andrews my second home. After a fantastic year spent living and studying here, I wanted to share my love for this town and attempt to give back to it as much as it had given to me, and the best way I could find to do just that was to become your CRO!

I find this role to be quite unique, in that I am exposed to the inner workings of both the town and gown facets of St Andrews. I sit on both the SRC and SSC within the Union, to make the community’s concerns about the University and student population heard, as well several local committees, such as the Community Council, to ensure that students’ concerns as members of the community are also addressed. Because our town is host to such a large, vibrant, and diverse community, it is inevitable that some issues of contention arise. I aim to aid in the resolution and prevention of these issues not only by keeping lines of communication open via these committee memberships, but also by facilitating community-wide (rather than campus-wide) events and initiatives. 

One of my team’s goals for the coming year is to increase engagement and collaboration with other groups, student and local alike, whose events and remits may overlap with our own; if you’ve an idea that you think would be great for facilitating some town-gown interaction, we’d love to hear about it! You can reach us by email at comrels@, or message us (and keep up with our shenanigans!) on Facebook