Arts & Divinity Faculty President

Hi I’m Sophia and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity 2019/20!

Hi I’m Sophia and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity 2019/20!


This academic year, I will work with Dennis (the Faculty President of Science & Medicine) to ensure that your voices are heard when it comes to both academic and non-academic matters. Dennis and I will sit on the Education Committee, and will represent you on the Academic Council (or “Senatus Academicus”), the highest academic body of our University. Moreover, we will also sit on the School President's Forum and SRC.

My main goals are to:

a) Make your voices heard at the various levels of the University and Union.

b) Support the School Presidents with their various projects, which will contribute towards improving their respective Schools/Departments, and help them understand their roles and responsibilities.

c) Continue my previous (Philosophy School President) work on potentially updating the PhD tutor pay policy. In order to do so, I will work with various Schools' PGR representatives and School Presidents.

d) Plan a large interdisciplinary careers fair, where students can learn about many different internship and job opportunities. In order to do so, I intend to liaise with Amy, Dennis, several School Presidents and - of course - the lovely Careers Department!

e) Host numerous events revolving around specific topics (e.g. pertinent equality and diversity issues, climate change and what the University can do, wellbeing) and/or aid the School Presidents with their events.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to represent you this academic year - thank you for this wonderful chance! If you have anything which you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to email or drop by my weekly office hours in Rector's Café (time TBC).