Arts & Divinity Faculty President

Hi I’m Gianluca and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity 2018/19!

Hi I’m Gianluca and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity 2018/19!

Hello there! My name is Gianluca, I am a Psychology undergraduate and I have been involved in student representation since the first day I arrived in this beautiful town. After being class representative in first and second year and the School President of Psychology and Neuroscience last year, I am extremely excited to be able to represent the faculty of Arts & Divinity.

This year, I will work with  Alisa, the Faculty President of Science & Medicine, to ensure that your voices are heard when it comes to both academic and non-academic matters. Alisa and I will sit on the Education Committee, we will represent you on the Academic Council (or “Senatus Academicus”), the highest academic body of our University. Moreover, we will sit on School President's Forum and SRC as well. 

My main goals are to:

a)     Support the School Presidents to improve their individual school and understand their roles.

b)     Organise a postgraduate fair, where students can learn about other universities and their postgraduate opportunities.

c)     Plan a career fair, where students can learn about different opportunities than the ones usually advertised.

d)     Work with each School President to increase the number of study spaces available in the Schools to make sure that we can actually study during revision weeks rather than spending hours looking for a single spot!

I have many more ideas and goals that I want to achieve this year and I am very thankful for the opportunity to represent St. Andrews students for one more year. If you have anything that you would like to talk about please feel free to email me at artdivfp@st-andrews.ac.uk or at gg48@st-andrews.ac.uk; I am always happy to chat or to listen to what great ideas you might have to improve our university!