Arts & Divinity Faculty President

Hi I’m Nick and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity

Hi I’m Nick and I’m the Faculty President of Arts and Divinity

Hi! I’m Nick, a final year Medieval History and English undergraduate with a keen desire to improve the academic experience of all the students within the faculties of Arts & Divinity. I aim to do so by working closely with John Weaver, Faculty President of Science & Medicine.

By sitting on the Education Committee, it is my wish to listen and report any concerns affecting your university experience at educational level, besides making sure to contribute to creating first-class careers events.

As Faculty President of Arts & Divinity, I also represent the voices of the students on Academic Council (or “Senatus Academicus”), the highest academic body of our University. On top of that, Faculty Presidents also sit on School President's Forum and SRC

In line with my predecessors, I aim to address the disparity between Single and Joint Honours students experiences. I would like to establish bi-weekly surgery hours for everyone to express their concerns, alongside starting an online forum to make official and unofficial meetings of class representatives and school presidents more efficient. As I am aware of the big number of arts subjects in our university, I would like to strengthen the representation of students taking interdisciplinary modules together with the Faculty President of Science & Medicine.

Secondly, in regards to study spaces, I will try to work out a way to put to better use the study rooms offered by the Schools throughout our faculties, for instance by extending opening hours and making spare rooms available over Revision Week for people to study in as alternative to an overcrowded library.

Finally, I would like to collaborate to the modernisation of teaching/learning practices and help the university adjust to the new lecture-recording system Panopto.

I would also like to stress my hope to improve the community within and out-with the faculties of Arts & Divinity, and encourage interdisciplinary events and effective cooperations across departments.

I promise to commit myself to the role of Faculty President to the best of my ability and to represent fairly each and everyone of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at