Cycle Safety 


Walking is the easiest way and arguably the most enjoyable way to travel around St Andrews. When walking in St Andrews please be considerate of other pedestrians and road users. Roads around St Andrews are fast and some drivers fail to adjust their speed. Please use caution when crossing the road and use pedestrian crossings when available. DO NOT cross over a roundabout. This is extremely dangerous. As winter approaches, consider wearing reflective clothing when walking at night.


After settling into life in St Andrews you may consider buying a bike to make travelling around St Andrews easier.



  • Use cycle paths and cycle lanes on roads if available.
  • Have lights for your bike. By law, you MUST have white front and red rear lights lit at night. You can be fined if you are found to not have lights by community police officers.
  • Wear a helmet and bright, reflective clothing.
  • Be considerate of other road users and pedestrians.



  • Cycle on footpaths. You would be breaking the law if you were to cycle on a footpath.   
  • Forget to purchase a lock for your bike.
  • Cycle the wrong way down a one-way street - the main one-way streets in St Andrews are Market Street, Bell Street, Church Street and soon to be Queens Gardens.
  • Cycle after drinking alcohol.
  • Forget all road rules that apply to cars, apply to cyclists.


Road Safety 

For a full list of road rules and laws, see the Highway Code.


If you have brought your car to St Andrews, you will need a permit to park in student parking. You can obtain this here The majority of parking is pay and display so make sure you pay at the meter to avoid a ticket. St Andrews can be very congested so try and walk/cycle as much as possible or car share with others to reduce this congestion.


When you’re out and about on the road and spot any non-emergency issues such as potholes be sure to report it to fife council at