What does the Alumni Committee aim to do? Why does it exist?

- The alumni committee works in St Andrews to connect alumni back to their time in our small University town, and also to connect current students with our huge alumni community. We do this through our Mentoring and 'Alumni Opinions' initiatives which you'll see around St Andrews this year. As Alumni Officer, I'm proudly obsessed with chatting to people and finding out all about what they got up to when they attended St Andrews, and it's these connections which allow the Alumni Committee to stand out in the Union. 


What is this years aim?

I mentioned the mentoring and alumni opinions schemes, and this is what we'll be working on a lot this year. Our mentoring scheme is like a professional advice relationship, where you can be matched up with alumni based on your career interests. Alumni opinions will provide an easy way for incoming students to discover all the best bits St Andrews has to offer, simply by getting some alumni to share their favourite memories from when they were in our shoes! You should also keep an eye out for the Alumni Festival - set to be one of the highlights of Semester 2, it's not just for our many alumni! There are going to be lots of opportunities for you to come along and take advantage of the events we have planned (not to mention our throwback BOP...)