What does the Alumni Committee aim to do? Why does it exist?

Our committee runs to connect our global alumni to St. Andrews and also current students with alumni. The sense of community at St. Andrews is something which the university prides itself on, and we want to ensure that this feeling can be sustained during your time as a student, and throughout your life afterwards. With such an impressive cohort of alumni year upon year, this committee wants to ensure that St. Andrews can continue to give back to them and that they can help current students wherever possible. Whether it be through career advice, inspiring students with talks, or even life advice, we feel that our alumni are an invaluable part of this university even if they are not here in person.  

Both curricular and extra-curricular activities contribute in different ways to making each student's St Andrews experience unique. For that reason we are also looking forward to supporting, and collaborating with societies and university departments who want to re-connect with Alumni or establish Alumni-focussed events. We hope both former and current students can benefit from the work we do. 

What is this years aim?

The main aim this year is to focus on career advice in a whole range of areas. We want to extend the opportunities for students to discover career paths in areas other than the mainstream graduate roles. By collaborating with societies and other subcommittees we will be setting up events open to all to allow ideas to form and networking to happen (over free wine, of course!) Building upon the success of last years mentorship programme through SaintConnect we want to publicise this opportunity more and increase engagement with it from both students and alumni alike.  The programme runs like a professional device scheme whereby alumni and students are paired together based upon interests and future goals.  We also plan to work alongside the Development Office to put on a broad selection of formal and informal events for staff, students and alumni throughout the year. 

Olivia is the Alumni Officer for 2019-2020 and works with a wonderful subcommittee.  Please feel free to get in touch: saalumni@st-andrews.ac.uk