Who we are and what we do:

The Union's accommodation team exists to help all students in private flats or halls of residence with any problems they might encounter during their time in St Andrews. This year your acting Accommodation Officer is Sophie.

Although the logistics of accommodation fall outside of our powers we can pressure the university on any accommodation decisions they make, and hold the university accountable to students on those decisions. We also aim to provide as much information about renting and living in St Andrews as possible, to make it easier for students moving into private accommodation. Our work is split into two main categories, that which concerns university accommodation and that which concerns private accommodation, and we have a variety of aims we hope to achieve in improving the quality and reducing issues in both these categories.

In terms of University Accommodation, our main campaigns for the upcoming year revolve around trying to increase the number of accommodation bursaries offered by the university and making the application process for these fairer and simpler so those who really need the help can get it. Other initiatives of the committee include training members of hall committees, increasing the transparency of hall finances to ensure that halls run to the best of their ability, and making it easier for postgrads to find accommodation.

In terms of Private Accommodation, we produce a yearly How to Rent guide which is invaluable for students attempting to find somewhere to stay in the private sector of St Andrews. We’re also focusing on improving support for students on years abroad and raising awareness of the tenant-landlord agreement.



We’ll be holding a number of events throughout the year including ‘How to Rent’ talks in halls, ‘Flatmate Speedating,’ and other events later in the year.

The Accommodation Subcommittee meets every week, so if you would like to come along to a meeting please email the team at srcaccommodation@st-andrews.ac.uk to find out the specific location and time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with regard to accommodation feel free to contact us! Also check out our Facebook and Twitter to find out what we’re up to!