The Students' Association Executive Committee (SAEC) consists of the Association Chair, Sabbatical Officers, and three nominees of both the SRC and SSC who are elected each April. The Executive Committee is responsible for mediating disputes between the SRC and SSC, conferring Honorary Life Membership and the John Honey Award, and generally managing the SRC and SSC.



The current members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Jamie Rodney, Association President
  • Mika Schmelng, Director of Events & Services
  • Amy Bretherton, Director of Education
  • Flora Smith, Director of Wellbeing
  • Shaina Sullivan, Director of Student Development & Activities
  • Leah Allcock, Athletic Union President 
  • Morgan Morris, Association Community Relations Officer [SRC Senior Officer]
  • Camilla Duke, SRC Rectors' Assessor [SRC Secondary Nominee]
  • Rowan Wishart, Member without Portfolio [SRC Tertiary Nominee]
  • Markus Lee, SSC Societies Officer [SSC Senior Officer]
  • Gavin Sandford, SSC Member without Portfolio [SSC Secondary Nominee]
  • Toni Valencia, SSC Debates Officer [SSC Tertiary Nominee]



The Executive Committee does not meet regularly but is instead convened by the Association Chair when required. The agenda for the next meeting of the Executive Committee will be posted here in advance.



This is an incomplete record of the minutes from previous Executive Committees. For minutes pre-dating this resource, please direct your query to the Students' Association Reception or by calling x2700.
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 20.11.18 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 06.11.18 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 30.10.18 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 18.09.18 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 13.02.17 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 13.09.16 (PDF
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 21.04.15 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting 10.04.15 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 11.02.14 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 05.12.13 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 12.11.13 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 28.10.13 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 10.05.13 (PDF)
Minutes from SAEC Meeting, 01.05.13 (PDF)

Standing Orders

The Executive Committee runs according to rules set out in the Standing Orders of the Association. A summary of the the contemporary precedents and practices of the Association can be found in Precedents of the Association Councils.