Your Rector, your choice.

This October we will be electing a new Rector! The Rector is a student representative, elected to serve your needs. The Rector also holds the title of President of University Court, the highest governing body of the University.

It's up to you, the students, to reach out to potential candidates asking them to consider running for the position, and then to create a team of students to run their campaign.

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Returning Officer

(The Returning Officer has the authority to reject nominations based on inelegibility to serve as a charity trustee or inability to fulfil the requirements of the role. They will oversee the conduct of the election, directing any reports of minor rule infringements to the Student Election Committee, and any major infringements to the Senate - appointed advisory panel.)

Roy Drummond, Chief Legal Officer:

Student Election Committee members:

(The student election committee is responsible for promoting the election, ensuring the election is carried out fairly, dealing with minor allegations of infringements on election rules, monitoring and reimbursing election expenses and arranging hustings)


Senior Elections Officer: Emma Walsh

Association President: Dan Marshall

Arts/ Divinity School President: (tbc)

Science/Medicine School President: (tbc)

Honours student representative: (tbc)

Sub-honours student representative: (tbc) 

SRC member: (tbc)



Election rules

Code of Conduct

Nomination forms

Eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee declaration form

How to Run a Rector Campaign



Election timeline:

Three-day nomination period begins

Monday 5 October (9am)

Nomination period ends

Wednesday 7 October (5pm)

Checking of candidate nominations / formal announcement of candidates standing

Thursday 8 October (ideally by noon)

Start of formal campaign period

Friday 9 October

Voting period

Thursday 15 October (9am) to Friday 16 October (5pm)

Results of first election

Friday 16 October (Evening, exact time tbc)

If RON is “elected”


Nominations reopen

Monday 30 October (for three days)

Voting period

Thursday 9 November (9am) to Friday 10 October (5pm)

Results of second election

Friday 10 November (Evening, exact time tbc)


Your checklist for nominating a candidate: 

1. Email the candidate's 250 word statement and photo to the Returning Officer

2. Send a hard copy of the Nomination Form, including 20 student signatures, to the Returning Officer (details on form)

3. Send a hard copy of a signed Code of Conduct to the Returning Officer

4. Send a hard copy of a Charity Trustee eligibility form to the Returning Officer 


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