Academic Representatives

The following positions are up for election on the Education Committee. You can only run for these positions if you are enrolled in the relevant School/Department - for more information please check the election rules.

Make sure to read the Role Description outlining the responsiblities of School Presidents .

  • Art History School President
  • Biology School President
  • Chemistry School President
  • Classics School President
  • Computer Science School President
  • Divinity School President
  • Earth Sciences & Geology School President
  • Economics & Finance School President
  • ELT (English Language Teaching) School President (only ELT alumni can run--NOT current ELT students)
  • English School President
  • Film Studies School President
  • Geography & Sustainable Development School President
  • History School President
  • International Relations School President
  • Management School President
  • Mathematics & Statistics School President
  • Medicine School President 
  • Modern Languages School President
  • Philosophy School President
  • Physics & Astronomy School President
  • Psychology & Neuroscience School President
  • Social Anthropology School President

Apart from School Presidents, we are also electing 2 Faculty Presidents (Arts/Divinity, Science/Medicine) who sit on the Education Committee, but are also full members of the Students' Representative Council, Academic Council and Senatus Academicus. For more information visit the section on SRC & SSC Officers.


Convenors in the School of Modern Languages

We have the following Convenors in the School of Modern Languages:

  • Arabic/Persian Convenor
  • Comparative Literature Convenor
  • French Convenor
  • German Convenor
  • Italian Convenor
  • Russian Convenor
  • Spanish Convenor

Read the role description!

These Convenors act as the link between students and staff in their respective Departments within the School of Modern Languages, chair the relevant Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCC), and coordinate their activities with the Modern Languages School President who represents the School as a whole to the University and the Students' Association.