There are over sixty different positions for grabs in the Students' Association Elections, broken down into three main categories, Sabbaticals, SRC & SSC Officers, and Academic Representatives. If you are interested in running for a position, make sure to read the role relevant role description or get in touch with the current holder of the position. 

Click the position name to read the role description. 



Sabbatical Officers are full-time paid positions and successful candidates will take office on 1 July after a month-long paid handover period with their predecessor (slightly different rules might apply for the Ahtletic Union President).

Position Current Holder Email
Association President Jamie Rodney pres@
Director of Education  Amy Bretherton doed@
Director of Wellbeing Flora Smith dowell@
Director of Events & Services Mika Schmeling  does@
Director of Student Development & Activties Shaina Sullivan dosda@
Athletic Union President Leah Allcock aupres@


Association Officers

Association Officers sit on both SRC and SSC, as their remits cover both representation and activies.

Position Current Holder Email
Association Chair Morgan Morris sachair@
Alumni Officer Luke Simboli saalumni@
Environment Officer Léa Weimann eande@
LGBT+ Officer Georgina Beeby saintslgbt@
Community Relations Officer Anna Young comrels@
Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer Jenny Menday lifers@


SRC Officers & Members

The following positions are up for election on the Students’ Representative Council. There are two types of positions on the SRC, Officers and Members. Officers chair their own respective subcommittees of the SRC, and Members will form part of those subcommittees but do not chair a subcommittee.

Position Current Holder Email
Accommodation Officer Sophie Bickerton srcaccommodation@
Arts & Divinty Faculty President Joe Horsnell artdivfp@
Science & Medicine Faculty President Chloe Fielding scimedfp@
PG Academic Convenor Abi Whitefield pgconvenor@
PG Development Officer Ana Maria Neferu pgdevo@
Member for First Years Maitreyi Tusharika ps224@
Member for Gender Equality  Elise Lenzi el70@
Member for Racial Equality  Ananya Jain aj201@
Member for Student Health (Wellbeing committe) Gabby Kyriakou gk38@
Member for Students with Disabilities Anna-Ruth Cockerham disabledstunet@
Member for Widening Access Tooba Shah sts4@
Member without Portfolio Annie Smith av64@


SSC Officers

The following positions are up for election on the Student Services Council. There are two types of positions on the SSC, Officers and Convenors. The Officers are the elected heads of the SSC subcommittees, while Convenors are appointed heads of SSC subcommittees where that role requires an extraordinary amount of specialist knowledge. The three current Convenor roles are the Design Team Convenor, Arts Festival Convenor, and the Ents Convenor. 

Position Current Holder Email
Broadcasting Officer (STAR) Anna Rose
Charities Officer (Charities Campaign) Amy Feakes charitiesconv @
Debates Officer (UDS) Zaine Mansuralli debates@
Music Officer (Music is Love) N/A (contact does@) n/a
Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids) Martin Caforio merpres@
Postgraduate Officer (PG Society) Sam Ross pgpres@
Societies Officer Avery Kitchens socs@
Volunteering Officer (SVS) Cara Nicholson cn50@
Member without Portfolio Toni Valencia mcrgv@


School Presidents

The following positions are up for election on the Education Committee. You can only run for these positions if you are enrolled in the relevant School/Department. Make sure to read the role description outlining the responsiblities of School Presidents.

Position Current Holder Email
Art History Hannah Koelger arthistorypresident@
Biology Brynne Stewart biologypresident@
Chemistry Camiel Leake chemistrypresident@
Classics Erik Crnkovich classicspresident@
Computer Science Ryan Gibb compscipresident@
Divinity N/A divinitypresident@
Earth & Environmental Sciences Belinda Hawes earthscipresident@
Economics & Finance Sanjana Ramaswamy economicspresident@
English Callum Irvine englishpresident@
Film Studies Teo Yarkova filmpresident@
Geography & SD Imaan Kotadia geosdpresident@
History Geraint Morgan historypresident@
International Relations George Watts irpresident@
Management Jeanne Adam managementpresident@
Mathematics & Statistics Murray Whyte mathspresident@
Medicine Orrin McAleer medicinepresident@
Modern Languages Lucy Matthews modlangpresident@
Music Ross McArthur and Iona Baillie musicpresident@
Philosophy Rachel Neighbour philosophypresident@
Physics & Astronomy Sarah Johnston physicspresident@
Psychology & Neuroscience

Lindsay Nielsen

Social Anthropology Elinor Layne socanthpresident@


Modern Languages Convenors

We have the following Convenors in the School of Modern Languages. These Convenors act as the link between students and staff in their respective Departments within the School of Modern Languages, chair the relevant Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCC), and coordinate their activities with the Modern Languages School President who represents the School as a whole to the University and the Students' Association.

Position Current Holder Email
Arabic/Persian Emma Johnston @arabicpersianconv
Comparative Literature Maddie Lee @complitconvenor
French Antonia Cahill @frenchconvenor
German Eva Halliday @germanconvenor
Italian Helen Clinton @italianconvenor
Russian Elodie Phillips @russianconvenor
Spanish Rohan Date @spanishconvenor