You are able to use the printers in the Design Suite which are on UniPrint, located on the first floor of the Union.

On UniPrint, you would normally pay for printed material through credits on your matriculation card, so remember to take a screenshot of your record from My Print. If you print externally, make sure to keep a receipt or an invoice because all printed publicity has to be approved by the Elections Committee and stamped in the Elections Office.

Printed publicity must:

  • Include an encouragement to recycle (either with the triangle logo or in text)
  • Must include the dates of the voting: 5th and 6th March
  • Must not refer to any other candidate
  • For AU President, must include the Saints Sports logo
  • For any other race, it must not include any Association or subcommittee logo, in any form.

We recommend you swing by the Elections Office with your laptop/tablet/one printed copy of the poster to get checked before you print off your posters, as all posters which are printed in error still must be paid for.

For Nominations Week, printed publicity is recommended to be stored with the Elections Committee until the all-candidates meeting, to ensure people do not start campaigning early. You may then collect your publicity and post it around town at the end of the meeting.