A lot of questions are asked because they aren't a rule, or are an ambiguity from them. This is a list of a few common questions which we'll add to throughout the elections period, but as ever, if you have a question ask salect@ or in the elections office.


Can I put posters up on phone boxes?

No, flyposting, which is putting up posters in public property around town is against the law and is not allowed (during elections or any other time). This includes phone boxes, lamposts etc.


Can I use a Univeristy, Union or Subcommittee logo as part of my poster?

No, Union or University resources (including a logo) can not be used as part of advertising. This includes adapated versions of them. The only exception is the Saints Sport logo, which needs to be used on the publicity for all candidates in the Athletic Union President race.


I have publicity which can't be stamped, can I still use it?

If you have publicity (like stickers) which can't be stamped, then you still have to bring it in to the Elections Office to be approved and so we can check it against your receipt, as part of your budget.


Does every single flyer have to get stamped?

Yes, but make sure you get them stamped before you cut them up individually, as we can stamp them much quicker if they are all on one sheet.


What size should my image on the elections portal be?

Candidates are required to submit a photo of their likeness along with their nomination. The Elections Portal asks for images to be 96x96 pixels, or some kind of square-cropped shape.


How are votes counted in School President elections?

Every student has a credit-weighted vote in the School President elections.  A first year student who takes a module in History, IR, and Psychology will have three votes, each counting for '20' in the appropriate election.  A third year student who takes entirely Biology modules will have one vote counting for '60' in the Biology President election.  This also applies to taught postgraduates.  Research postgraduates may also vote in School Presidents' elections, with a vote counting for '120'.


Can postgraduates vote in the Elections?

Yes, postgraduate students are full members of the Association and can stand for election and vote for all positions except for the School President or two Faculty President positions.


Can I create my social media before campaigning?

You can create any social media you can keep private. Facebook pages have an 'unpublish' option which means it is entirely private. We remind you Facebook groups are not permitted as a mode of campaigning. Twitter cannot be made entirely private, so we ask the candidates only create any twitter pages after campaigning opens. Youtube videos may be uploaded, but not publicly viewable. We realise there is an element of preparation you want to get done, but anything you do must be entirely private.


Can a subcommittee or a society endorse my campaign?

A subcommittee may not endorse a candidate as every matriculated student is a member of every subcommittee. These subcommittees are: Music is Love, Mermaids, Postgraduate Society, SVS, Charities Campaign, Societies Committee, Debating Society, St Andrews Radio (STAR), LGBT, Ents, and the Design Team. A society may endorse a candidate if the society votes to do so at an EGM/AGM, having given society members the required 10 days of notice.