Rules Updates


Elections Committee Decisions

The elections committee is empowered by resolution of the Students' Association Councils to amend or interpret the rules according to situations which arise throughout the campaign period. The committee meets at 5pm each night to discuss any amendments or clarifications to the rules.

Monday 20th February

  1. Candidates are not permitted to use publicity materials previously associated with any affiliated society in their campaign. This includes previously used profile pictures, logos, etc.
  2. Candidates are required to include polling dates on all banners used in their campaign
  3. Candidates nomination alerts will be published to Twitter and Facebook. Candidates and students are allowed to retweet, share and like these social media postions. Candidates are not permitted to comment or add content to these postions. Candidates are advised that digital interactions with these postions will be monitored and must not constitute pre-campaigning as determined by the Elections Committee.

Tuesday 21st February


  1. The ban on flyers was interpreted as a ban on all paper-based handout publicity materials. An exception was made for stickers and the poster described in the rules. Candidates were encouraged to trial alternative publicity materials such as baked goods with rice-paper tags. 
  2. Snapchat filters are allowed, and geographical location is not limited. 
  3. Declared Sabbatical candidates will recieve the opportunity to meet the Vice-Principal (Proctor) at 1pm on Friday afternoon. 

Wednesday 22nd February


  1. No decisions taken.

Thursday 23rd February


  1. Facebook advertising is permitted during the designated campaign period.
  2. Candidates to be formally reminded to add the Jack Carr elections facebook account to their campaign groups.


Monday 27th February


  1. Candidates are reminded that engaging with any pre-existing online/ social media group/ page/ website to promote their campaign is prohibited. This includes posting to Facebook pages. This concerns rule 5.16 Prohibited activity, online campaigning
  2.  Candidates are reminded that campaigning should, at all times, remain positive.
  3. Candidates are requested to check their email shortly after 4pm each day. At this time the Elections Committee will convey any requests for information or attendance at any proceedings to candidates.