The following candidates were issued a formal warning or penalty designation from the Elections Committee for breaching the Rules & Regulations for the Students' Association Elections 2017:


Candidate Name Candidate Position  Severity Designation Warning Text Date Recieved
Joshua Paik Accomodation Officer Mild

 Rule 5.1. Pre-Campaigning. 

Candidate published a campaign page prior to the beginning of campaigning.

Lewis Campbell Association President Formal Warning

Rule 5.10. Prohibited Activity, Personal Attacks.

Formal Warning for Negative campaigning (which could be interpreted as a personal attack)

Joshua Paik Accomodation Officer  Moderate Rule 5.10. Prohibited Activity, Personal Attacks.  

Candidate acknowledged that a comment that they made on a public Facebook page could be construed as a personal attack. 

Penalty Severity Designations


The elections committee shall define any rule infraction on the following scale, and the designation shall be clearly marked on the elections portal alongside the violation.

Formal Warning - Will not appear on portal, but the elections committee is persuaded that a rule breach might have occured. 

MILD - Candidate may not have intended to break the rule, but it is too severe a breach to warrant a warning that does not go on the portal. Rule breach would not directly impact another candidate.

MODERATE - Candidate did have some knowledge that they were breaking a rule. We may be satisfied that repetition is unlikely. Rule breach would not directly or badly impact another candidate.

SEVERE - Candidate may have been dishonest to the election committee, or have intended to break a rule with an element of deception. Rule breach would represent serious risk to fairness of election or may have badly impacted another candidates campaign.

VERY SEVERE - Candidate has committed a rule break which is just short of them having been disqualified from the election.