Tom Abbott

A little bit about me

My name’s Tom, I’m from London, and I’m a fifth year studying chemistry. I am standing for the role of AU President next year.


What experience do I have for this role

I have been on the committee of the cricket club now for several years, culminating in being president this year. I have been involved on multiple levels with the AU over this time, ranging from discussions with both previous AU presidents to long term strategic planning with the Deputy Directors of Sport, the Alumni Officer, and the Sports Development Manager. This has given me a great knowledge of the inner workings of the AU and has built up a relationship with myself and the AU staff, something that is key for the role of AU President.


Why you should vote for me!

  • I am determined to change the feeling of a divide between some sports clubs and the AU. Every club will be treated on an equal footing, with a meeting scheduled with each club president at the start of the year to ensure fairness and equality for every club, regardless of size or performance. At this meeting presidents would have the opportunity to outline their goals for their club and how the AU could help achieve these. This will increase collaboration between clubs and the AU while creating an environment of open dialogue and keeping clubs’ requirements up to date.


  • I promise a comprehensive review of the AU’s transport system and budgets – although some parts are improving over the summer there are still steps that could be taken further to help clubs, most of which heavily overspend their transport budget. I plan to enter into negotiations with local vehicle rental companies to discuss reduced rates for the AU and its clubs, therefore alleviating a significant amount of the overall transport budget currently being overspent. I would also contact airlines in an attempt to gain concessions on longer-haul travel (nationally for university competition, internationally for tours).


  • I want to bring issues that have arisen with AU clubs and kit to the table – too many clubs are left without kit on time or incorrect kit; I will hold open and honest talks with kit suppliers to improve communications and relations between all parties involved. The current contract with PlayerLayer is up for renewal at the end of the academic year, and I would like to sit down with both their area representative and head office representatives to update the next contract with clauses that address these issues.


  • I want to work closely with the Charities Committee to set up an AU nominated charity each year in line with the current association process. The money raised by sports clubs is also not currently included in the university’s charity totals, therefore not giving these clubs the credit they deserve. This can be mitigated by transferring money raised through the charities office first – the money still goes to the club’s chosen charity but the overall charitable profile of the club and the AU increases.


  • I want to help expand the coverage of EVERY AU club by working with both student papers and the university’s media teams to help celebrate their achievements throughout the season, for example using a “featured sport” column to describe the club and how to get involved. This increases their exposure to both students at the university and to alumni, leading to increased participation and potential donations.


  • I will work with the Director of Sport and the rest of the Sport and Exercise staff to produce a guideline as to what clubs need to achieve in order to be considered for “Performance Sport” status, as well as tailoring it for clubs that are unable to fulfil certain criteria (e.g. not competing in BUCS competitions). This would help those clubs that feel they do not understand the Performance Sport program, and allow those that think they should be considered the opportunity to push the matter.


  • I hold a huge respect for all the AU clubs and teams, which play consistently to a high standard despite the smaller than usual pool of players available: I would be honoured to be your AU president and promise to represent you, the AU, and the university with the highest level of commitment and look forward to embracing the role. I am always open and approachable, something that I want people to embrace – it’s your AU and your thoughts/ideas that matter.