Ruaraidh Stewart - DoES Candidate

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Five Key Policies for a Better Events Experience.

Open times

£5 minimum spend

Smoking area movement

Food and drink

Transparency (last)

Opening Times #2morehours


I will apply for a variation to the Union licence in order to extend the opening times of the Association building. An additional two more hours would enable us to keep our Union open until 4am. If Fife licencing board are not minded to grant this variation on a permanent basis, I will apply for an extended hours licence for special events. 


Commercial Services Reform.


I will abolish the current £5 minimum card spend on Union purchases without the need for third-party apps such as YOYO.


I will work with our student society leaders to better understand the needs of individual societies and provide a list of packages to make better use of the Unions event spaces.


I will explore the current product provision within our Union and investigate the possibility of stocking a more comprehensive range of products. This will provide for the diverse needs of all students, for example tobacco and e-cigarette products.


Smoking Area


I will look at the feasibility of moving the existing smoking area, from outside the Union main entrance to a separate area. This would. not only, limit the effects of second-hand smoke on non-smoking students but also provide the opportunity to look at new infrastructures such as outdoor heaters and garden furniture for our students wishing to smoke


Food and Service Hours


I will provide a new largely organic and GMO-free, locally sourced seasonal menu in our bars. Not only promoting and supporting local St. Andrews businesses but also providing us all with sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly meal choices.


I will explore the provision of a late-night takeaway style menu served when the Union is closing following large events. 


Transparent and Accountable


I will publish regular updates in order to keep you informed on my work as DoES.

I will operate an open-door policy and regularly host scheduled drop-in sessions with tea & cakes**. I will ensue that all students feel valued and able to inform and influence decisions that are made on issues they feel strongly about


**Budget dependent, terms and conditions apply. However, there will usually be a biscuit tin on or near my desk. **