Phoebe Soulon - DoWell Candidate

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Manifesto Accessibility!

- As someone with more personal than political experience in wellbeing I know it can be incredibly intimidating to go through and single out the resources you need, especially if you’re in a situation where you’re already feeling overwhelmed. My goal is to simplify matters, making wellbeing material more straightforward to find, read, and to make the process towards getting help easier, quicker, and paved with lots of compassion.


  • -  I pride myself on being a no-judgment zone, and I want to be someone you feel comfortable coming to. I intend to act as a fierce friend, liaison, and advocate, which means that if I can’t personally help I promise to work with you to find the right resources.

  • -  One of my main aims is to de-stigmatise reaching out for help. There are many resources through the university that deal with wellbeing but, aside from time with puppies; they’re less publicised. Throughout my university career I didn’t hear about many wellbeing events or services outside of my artistic sphere, and if they were talked about it was often briefly or in a slightly different tone from ordinary conversation. I respect every individual’s boundaries and being a private person is perfectly valid (especially in Britain), but I’m striving for full acceptance and normalisation of mental and physical health discussions. I have definitely been quiet during the majority of my life’s challenges, but I’ve found that in eventually sharing, at a minimum with professionals, I’ve been able to transform these challenges into strengths. From therapy to specialist physicians it is in processing through and addressing potential obstacles that I’ve gained my self-knowledge, grounding, determination, and perseverance. I know it can be scary reaching out for help, and sometimes it’s easier to start with a friend – I’m here to be that friend and to help empower you towards great self-care, whatever that looks like for you.

    Integration and Community!

- Wellbeing practices round out every aspect of life, from cross-training in sports to mindfulness practices in studying. I’d love to implement my training as a yoga instructor to hold mixed-society workshops or organise external practitioners to teach!

For example, in keeping with the development in movements such as Me Too and Time’s Up I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to organise a collaboration between Sexpression and Mermaids on the subject of intimacy direction lead by a professional in the industry. Events like these could also broaden important discussions regarding consent and sexual safety beyond traditional arenas.

Another option would be to have meditation or movement workshops promoting work/life balance and the minimisation of burnout in more academically-driven societies.

I believe that more suggestions can and should come from you! I’m never going to pretend I know everything or that I’m the sole authority on any topic, which is why I’m passionate about continuously learning from and listening to those around me. I want to hear your ideas about wellbeing and to help actualise your inspirations to spread positivity and generate progress within the larger St Andrews community!

- All in all, I want to change the way we think about wellbeing – rather than compartmentalising the subject I want to integrate wellbeing throughout every aspect of university life. Wellbeing is literally about being well – in relationships, in studies, in extra-curriculars, and within yourself, and not just for a couple of weeks a semester or right before exams.

As I was deciding to run for DoWell, I noticed that many of my friends don’t exactly know what the Sabs do or don’t feel very connected to them, so I want to be more than a weekly email in your inbox. If elected as DoWell, I will be there for you as a fierce advocate, friend, supporter, and listener; and I promise to do my very best to bring brightness and positivity to all things wellbeing – especially when things might be looking dark.