Mika Schmeling - DoES Candidate

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Mika’s Manifesto

Director of Events and Services (DoES)


Reimagining your Student Experience


Providing Variety to Suit Everyone’s Needs


Live Music

While St. Andrews has some awesome nights out and have increased the number of popular DJ’s and acts performing, we are still missing out on many opportunities for live music in St. Andrews. I want to expand on the number of music events for local student performers as well as reach out to larger acts to bring back live music to St. Andrews.


Event diversity

People in St. Andrews are always categorized as one type of student, a reputation that doesn’t accurately reflect the true diversity of the student body. I think it’s important to draw from these diverse interests of all students here and extend the variety of events and services offered to better mirror students’ needs. I want to make sure that every student has a voice and make them aware of the versatility of event spaces and services so the Union can better help all students with their endeavors.


Versatility of Union Spaces and awareness of services

Through the years, we’ve seen many changes in the Union, and some spaces in the Union are more desirable than others. I want to increase the versatility of all Union spaces to allow students and societies to get more out of the locations we offer. I want to work closesly with the DoSDA to help get more information out to the societies about putting on their events and help societies get the most out of the spaces we have to offer. I will also work to ensure that students are aware of all the services the Union offers such as the printing and services, music services, etc.



Amplifying your Voice as a Student


Direct Discourse and Outreach to all

Without a direct conversation between the DoES and the student body, it is hard to ensure that all events and services in the Union are great. As of now, students tend to share their feedback and opinion online via anonymous Facebook posts, and while this is good feedback to consider when working as DoES, we can help increase efficiency and help make Union Events better by implementing an easy feedback loop between the students and the DoES. I want to hear from everyone, and I think if we can implement a better feedback loop then we can help make sure that there are events to suit everyone’s interests.


Ensuring Safety and Security


Self-Defense Training and Consent Workshops

We have successfully been able to offer self-defense and consent workshops throughout the university, but I would like to offer some of these on a more regular basis. Walking home at night can be a little bit scary, regardless of who you are. I want to look into self-defense training options to give students a stronger sense of security as they walk home after a night out and also help advocate for consent workshops for all students. Nights out shouldn’t be about fear of something happening, so I want to help offer consent workshops and self-defense training to the students in St. Andrews.


Support and Security Precautions for Nights Out  

I want to look into more support and security options for the Union to offer to students. I want to consider ways that other universities around the world have been able to give more security precautions for students around their campuses and look into ways that we can translate these practices into St. Andrews culture. I want to make sure students feel safe and supported and have what they need to be able to keep enjoying their student experience at its fullest.