Megan MacKay - DoES Candidate

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My Manifesto: Megan MacKay for Director of Events and Services

Your Voice, Your Events, Our Union


Throughout my time in St Andrews I have been fortunate enough to be involved with various aspects of student life – I would like to use this moving forward to ensure Union Events and Services cater to the diverse student body we have here in St Andrews. From being PR rep for the Folk & Trad Music Society, running a successful student ceilidh band, and managing Sofar Sounds St Andrews, I have extensive experience in the planning and execution of successful student events.


If elected I would like to implement a wider range of union events, with a particular focus on promoting live music, along with providing a platform for showcasing creative student talent. This would be steered by increased student engagement - I believe students should have more of a voice in deciding which events are held in St Andrews. With my passion, knowledge and experience, I would use the role of DoES to bring students what they want.


Variation of Events:

While we have had some great events over the past year, I would like to expand on the type events which are put on in the union - with a particular focus on bringing more live music to you. A broader range of genres would be featured to meet the music tastes of students, with more live bands and acts. And while the classic karaoke and club nights would remain a highlight for weekends, alternative events should take place throughout the week to cater to wider audiences – with more live music, games nights, comedy, sports events, movie nights, and workshops.


Student Collaborations:

It is important for societies to have regular events in collaboration with the union. I will ensure this continues and would like to provide a platform for societies to develop and succeed. For instance, by encouraging regular society nights in Sandy’s and Beacon Bar – featuring live music, poetry, comedy, arts and crafts. It is essential that the union provides a platform for showcasing the vast student talent we have here in St Andrews.


Increased Student Input:

Your voice deserves to be heard. I want to know which events you want and will set up a system to ensure the ideas of students are being acknowledged and taken into account when organising events. From anonymous suggestion cards, to regular online polls, students will have the opportunity to express what they want from union events. For example, nominations for themed nights, band suggestions, and monthly bop nominations will help facilitate your ideas and make them happen.


Effective Use of Union Spaces:

The union has some fantastic spaces which could be used more effectively. To reach the building’s full potential, I would like to improve daytime access for students and make more study spaces available throughout the day. For example, additional fold away tables in spaces like main bar will be available, along with opening up Beacon Bar for studying during the day. The union should be a hub for students throughout both day and night.


Better Communication:

Communication between students, societies, and the union is vital for smooth running of events – this process should be made clearer with a more streamlined events calendar. I would like to implement a simpler booking process which displays availability of commercial union spaces and indicates which events are occurring when, making it easier for students and societies to plan and hold events of their own within union spaces.