Amy Bretherton - DoEd Candidate

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Amy Bretherton

Director of Education Manifesto


Hello, I’m Amy and I am running to be your next Director of Education! I’m in my final year of a Spanish, Russian and German degree and currently hold the position of School President of Modern Languages. This role has given me extensive experience in academic representation, acting as the voice of over 1,200 students to a large staff body. I’ve worked hard throughout the year to enhance all aspects of students’ learning experience and I’d love to continue these efforts as your next DoEd. This role is about listening; I want to know how each of you feel about the issues that affect your learning and I will always support you in university relations, as well as keeping you updated on all relevant affairs.

My main areas of focus will be:


Improved learning experience:


Academic Support

  • Working with Class Reps to increase the online availability of books and readings to alleviate waiting times for library resources
  • Developing more comprehensive exam feedback sessions and coursework feedback sheets, so students can better understand the grade received and see more clearly how to move forward 
  • Developing a second-hand Library System in each School, where students can borrow relevant textbooks
  • Working with School Presidents and CAPOD to set up Skills Workshops, mentoring schemes and Peer Support programmes in all Schools
  • Working with Schools to increase the uptake of Lecture Capture and ensure that students know this is available to them
  • Ensuring Module Handbooks across the University are easily accessible, up-to-date and contain relevant information on which staff members to contact in different situations which might occur



  • Streamlining extension policy between all Schools to reduce stress and confusion
  • Working closely with the Director of Wellbeing and Student Services to establish strong communication channels between the Schools and these bodies, ensuring that any problems which students may have are properly addressed


Efficient Learning

  • Introducing pre-advising Module Information Talks in every School, so students can be better informed about modules prior to making their choices
  • Working to increase the number of study spaces available across the University and to extend their opening hours  
  • Streamlining MMS and Moodle platforms to establish one portal for academic information  
  • Reviewing the suitability of Turnitin as an efficient submission system



Global Connections

  • Working with the Collaborations and Study Abroad Team to extend the number of places available to study abroad, so more students will be able to take up this opportunity
  • Continuing my current work to introduce Chinese Studies as a degree option in response to students’ feedback 
  • Protecting and adapting to the needs and academic interests of all students in the wake of Brexit






Within the curriculum

  • Working with Heads of Schools to extend the opportunity to undertake relevant work placements within degree courses to all subjects
  • Making the most of alumni networks; creating LinkedIn groups across all Schools;

setting up informal lunches for students to connect with alumni  

  • Working with School Presidents to introduce Careers Days
  • Working with Directors of Teaching to extend opportunities for students to undertake research internships with staff


Work Experience and Internships

  • Working to increase the funding available to students undertaking unpaid internships  
  • Working with the Careers Centre to develop the Job Shop, including building a database of internship and job opportunities and ensuring this is accessible, easy to view and visible to students  





Open-door policy

  • Introducing flexible Office Hours and Skype availability for those who are unavailable to meet me in person, to ensure I will always be available to listen to your thoughts, ideas and concerns
  • Respond to all emails from students within 24 hours



  • Increasing representation for Evening Degree students by ensuring every course has a Class Rep 
  • Supporting School Presidents and Class Reps whenever they need my assistance and working with them on any projects or initiatives they are running in their Schools, ensuring a positive and effective working relationship is developed
  • Developing systems to facilitate more regular feedback and to monitor its implementation, including more opportunities for School Presidents and Class Reps to contribute to Departmental meetings



  • Increasing the visibility of School Presidents and Class Reps on the Union website and social media to increase awareness of their work and encourage student involvement


Postgraduate affairs:  



  • Working with the Postgraduate Convener to develop more opportunities for Postgraduate students to host their own lecture series, so Postgraduates have the chance to deliver their work in a lecture-style setting, and Undergraduates can learn about the kind of research projects which exist beyond Undergraduate level
  • Working with School Presidents to set up engaging inter-School Postgraduate events to build a greater sense of community for Postgraduate students
  • Collaborating with School Presidents and the Careers Centre to develop a Postgraduate Careers Week



  • Increasing representation for Postgraduates by ensuring every course has a Class Rep
  • Holding regular meetings with the Postgraduate Convener to discuss Postgraduate matters  


Teaching and marking

  • Ensuring that time spent teaching and marking is fairly compensated and that adequate training is provided 


I am committed to making your academic experience at St Andrews the best it can be, and I will always be available to listen to your thoughts, ideas and concerns. Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!