Social Anthropology School President

Hi there! I’m Rikke, the School President of the Department for Social Anthropology 2018/19.

Hi there! I’m Rikke, the School President of the Department for Social Anthropology 2018/19.

I come from Denmark and I am entering my fourth year as a single honours Social Anthropology student.

My job as a School President is to improve the experience of being a student in our department. I function as the bridge between students and staff. If you have any ideas for improvements, please do get in touch with me or your class representative.

Along with my class representatives, I put on social and careers event. Social events have in the past years included anthropology trips out of town, writing events and cake and tea events. I intend to continue these but would be keen to hear ideas for other departmental social events. The content of the careers events is based on student feedback, so please do fill out the surveys your class reps will send you.

I will send you weekly emails with useful information and event invitations relevant to Social Anthropology students. In these, you will also find out the time of my weekly office hour, where I can answer questions you have in person. If you have any queries or good ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (my email is socanthpresident@st-andrews.ac.uk).

Class Representatives:

If you want to help me improve the student experience, then I would encourage you to run for Class Rep in week 1. Class Reps gather feedback and help arrange social and careers events in our department. You might also have a specific project in mind that you passionately want to work on, but it isn’t a necessity to become a rep. Ideas that have been discussed in the past but not yet implemented include student-staff lunches, a school ball and symposiums.

Support available:

Mentorship programme: https://sumac.ac.uk/account/university-of-st-andrews/scheme/227

Staff office hours: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/anthropology/dept/staff/ (Sub-honour tutor's office hours are advertised on MMS).

Student representation: If you wish to petition to have a given policy or practice changed, your best bet is to contact student representatives. If your query is class-specific, then it is best directed to a class rep. If not, send it to me.

How to get a hold of me:

Email: The quickest way the reach me is via email: Socanthpresident@st-andrews.ac.uk

Office hours: If you want to meet with me to discuss something in person, then I hold weekly drop-in sessions on the top floor of the union by the funky-coloured chairs. The time of these will be advertised in my weekly emails.

Arranging a meeting: If you want to meet with me, but my drop-in session isn’t at a convenient time, then drop me an email and we’ll find an alternative time to meet.


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