Physics & Astronomy School President

Hello, I’m Alisa, this year’s Physics and Astronomy President.

Hello, I’m Alisa, this year’s Physics and Astronomy President.

A Physics degree is all fun and games until you realise maths no longer contains numbers, caffeine runs your life, you’re knee deep in superscripts and the superscripts are in Greek.

I can’t promise to help you with your Greek superscripts directly, but throughout this year, I’ll be around to assist in other ways. Myself and my team of class representatives will be here to listen and respond to any questions, concerns or suggestions about any module, and any other aspect of life within the department.

My job is to act as the link between students, staff and the Union, which means that I will spend my time pestering staff and the Union alike to make sure that every student’s voice is heard. As well as discussing matters concerning your modules, I am happy to talk about the stress of academics, offer advice on internships and careers, and generally answer any of your questions to the best of my ability, as well as directing you to other sources of information.

I can be found somewhere around Physics most of the time, in fact some would say I’m dangerously close to living there, so feel free to approach me for a chat whenever you want. Alternatively, you can contact me on Facebook, or drop me a line at or

I look forward to hearing from you!