Philosophy School President

The Philosophy School President for 2019/20 is Kyle Van Oosterum.

The Philosophy School President for 2019/20 is Kyle Van Oosterum.

Hi! My name is Kyle and I am your Philosophy School President for 2019/20.

Like most international kids, the “where are you from” question can be a bit tricky. What I can say is that I’ve lived in Madrid, Spain my whole life and was raised by a Cuban mother and a Dutch father. I am going into my fourth year of Philosophy with the hope to effectively showcase the excellence, friendliness and uniqueness of our School. 


My role as School President is to serve as a link between the student body and the Philosophy Department's academic and support staff. I will make sure to relay any and all feedback, issues and ideas to the right people in the hopes of representing everyone’s interests and improving our collective experience with Philosophy. To that end, please feel free to e-mail me at or at my personal e-mail about suggestions, thoughts and concerns you might have about the School. I’ll be setting up an “office hour” of sorts most likely at Rector’s (coffee addicts, unite!) where you can voice your feelings and thoughts with me in person.


My main focuses will be to bolster the Philosophy Buddy Scheme, further Equality and Diversity initiatives and to develop an online Philosophy Forum (PhilForum) for students to help students with a range of matters, both academic (study tips) and non-academic advice (points of contact). I’ll be keeping you all posted with a weekly e-mail talking about developments and events happening within the School. 


To become more involved with Philosophy, keep an eye out for the "St Andrews Philosophy Students” Facebook page, the St Andrews Undergraduate Philosophy Society or, better yet, consider becoming a Class Representative in September. 


I look forward to meeting you all and perhaps having a good philosophical discussion here and there. I hope you all have a fantastic year!